My One Night Stands with Shanghai

My One Night Stands with Shanghai

Dear Shanghai,

We can’t keep meeting like this. 

I had always hoped that we would someday meet, so I must admit I was secretly excited when the opportunity arose. I thought I would love you with your rich history and culture. But now you’ve left me nothing but confused.

The first time we met you were cold and caught me off guard. I tried to look past this, because well, you were beautiful and lit up the night sky.

Shanghai - Apr 2013

I’m not surprised that so many people are attracted to you, and I understand your appeal…but I just wasn’t convinced that there could ever be anything real between us. Maybe because I was on my way to visiting my true love– Japan. And I know you showed me things I was worried Japan never would, but that wasn’t enough to make me stay.

Shanghai - Apr 2013

We were only together a few short hours.  I’ll admit that I was starting to warm up to you, but I knew I needed to leave, although not without a promise to return.

A week later, we met again. Like before it was late and near dark. But this second time together, you were totally different. You were warm and open, and though I thought I knew you, maybe I was wrong.

We enjoyed an amazing dinner together and indulged in desserts reminiscent of home.

Shanghai - Apr 2013

After, we walked a moonlit temple complex and took in all the glistening lights. That night was beautiful and will always remain a fond memory, but was this the real you? I somehow think not. Which is why you leave me confused.

I’m sorry I left abruptly the next morning. I know my quick tour of your parks just didn’t do them justice. I’ll admit that at the time I found them a little strange and off-putting, but I guess they are special in their own way.

Shanghai - Apr 2013

Oh Shanghai, I’m still not sure if I even like you– especially with your bipolar hot and cold tendencies. But maybe someday let’s meet again? But please, not like this.

No more meeting late at night for just a few quick hours. You deserve a proper chance.




Have you been to Shanghai? What do you think of it?



  1. Ralph
    July 11, 2013 / 2:39 am

    Hi, I do think this is a great blog. I stumbledupon it ;) Love reading your guides

  2. Riley
    July 10, 2013 / 5:24 am

    I really love Shanghai, Thank you for sharing!