#FindingAsia: Stejarii Country Club, Bucharest

#FindingAsia: Stejarii Country Club, Bucharest

It’s not everyday I do fancy things like sipping on high tea or attending country clubs– but I’m not one to turn them down when the opportunity arises either.

So I happily agreed to spend the day at Stejarii Country Club, Romania’s only country club, which has great sport facilities, including dedicated karate and aikido rooms.

However, while the rest of the group engaged in vigorous athletic activity, I chose to hit the spa instead since Stejarii is also home to the only Shiseido Spa in Eastern Europe.

Ah, Shiseido, a brand I’m oh so familiar with after living in Japan. Little did I know they had opened a handful of spas across Europe.

Stepping inside, I immediately felt the subtle refinements of Asian design and decor. Was I in Romania? Or was I back in Japan? At that point it didn’t matter because I was more than ready to spend the rest of the day being pampered.



DSC09719  DSC09643

The spa has an exclusive menu of treatments, all of which use only Shiseido products. I was surprised by how decent the prices were, and considered getting a massage if they were able to squeeze me in last minute.

We were given a tour of the facilities, which consist of seven massage rooms, two scrubbing rooms, and a VIP suite. They also have a Zen Room, indoor relaxation pool and steam room for guests to use after their massages.

Each massage room had Asian design elements perfectly implemented and the subtle scent of frangipani was present throughout them.

I could certainly see myself relaxing here.



After our mini tour we were taken to the locker room to get changed.

Even inside the locker room stools donned brocade fabrics and a kimono hung on the wall that we were told was made specially for them by a master craftsman in Japan.



After changing I made my way to the Zen Room, and I knew where I’d be spending most of my day.

Inside the dimly lit room were two rows of waterbeds, each separated by curtains. At the head of each bed was a mini oxygen bar with four scents ready to lure you into a blissful state of mind.

Rose, sea grass, frangipani, eucalyptus– you’d better believe I tried them all. A mixture of sea grass and eucalyptus had my clogged sinuses open in a matter of minutes.



After spending almost an hour dozing on and off in the Zen Room, I decided I should check out the indoor relaxation pool before it was time to leave.

The pool was complete with a hydrotherapy circuit; something I had tried and loved while in Cancun a few months prior. Who needs a massage when you can have streams of water blasting your muscles back into submission?


Lounging by the pool, I was offered a hot pot of sencha, which of course I couldn’t turn down. For those who don’t know what sencha is, it’s the most common form of green tea in Japan made by steeping whole leaves in hot water (as opposed to matcha, which it made from leaves milled into a powder).

Actually imported from Japan and paired with a piece of Belgium chocolate, the sencha was the perfect way to end my spa day.


Back out at the reception, an array of products are for sale, from Shiseido brand cosmetics to the sencha imported from Japan.

A whole bag of sencha was only 30 RON (or a little under $8), which seemed like a steal compared to how much we get it for back in the US.

DSC09714  DSC09709

When to visit: Daily
Where to visit: 14A, București, Romania


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  1. May 18, 2015 / 11:25 pm

    That sounds amazing and I love Shiseido products but don’t know of any spas working with them down in Australia. What a shame you couldn’t fit in a massage or treatment too while you were there.