#FindingAsia: OyatsuBox Subscription Box

#FindingAsia: OyatsuBox Subscription Box

Today we’re going to look at another Japanese candy subscription box! This time around we’ll be looking Oyatsubox, which seeks to blend Japanese treats with a bit of J-pop culture.

Unlike other subscription boxes, each month they try to include a few anime or pop culture related treats from Hello Kitty to Nintendo Characters.

Oyatsubox comes in three different types:

  • Oyatsubox Jr. for $7,99, which comes with three full-sized snacks
  • Oyatsubox Original for $16, which comes with six full-sized snacks including a gachapon toy.
  • Oyatsubox Premium for $25, which comes with 10-14 full-sized snacks including a DIY kit and gachapon.

For purpose of this review I will be looking at the Oyatsubox Premium.


When I opened the box I was surprised at just how much they could cram into it. Dumping everything out on the table, I was immediately happy with the goodies they sent.

I think for the price, Oyatsubox Premium has the best value I’ve seen so far since everything is a full-sized product.


Their information sheet wasn’t anything fancy.

Just a black and white printout with all the items listed– but it was still nice that they included product descriptions for those who can’t read Japanese and tried to provide some cultural backgrounds as well.


Here’s a look at what we got inside:

BabyStar Yakisoba Bites, Ganko Age Chips, Anpanman Vegetable Crackers, Giant Panda Caplico, Pokemon Gummi Pack, Matcha Pocky, Puchitto Kudamono Grape, Strawberry Chocoballs, Yogurt Hi-Chew, Sweet Candy Apple DIY Kit, and a gachapon. 

There were a lot of new products for me, which made me really excited.


I hate to admit it, but one of my favorite parts of this box was getting to open the gachapon. Feeling like a kid I was excited to see what my little toy would be.

And I certainly had a good laugh when I found out.


A pigeon… thing!

I have no idea what I would ever do with this, but like most cereal or Cracker Jack toys, it’s the thought and mystery behind them that makes them exciting– not what you actually ever get.

For the price I honestly think Oyatsubox is one of my favorite Japanese candy subscription boxes so far! I’m excited to continue following them and seeing their future boxes. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up subscribing to this one as well!

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A special thank you to Oyatsubox for sending me their premium box for this review. As always, all opinions are my own!