Dear Diary: We’re Back!

Dear Diary: We’re Back!

Hi everyone! Guess who’s back and ready to blog?!

I can’t believe it’s been over a year – minus a few random posts here and there. So many things have happened in that time span from getting married to adopting two kittens and (gasp) NO traveling!

It’s been a great time to clear my head, revaluate this blog and where I want to take it, especially now that we’re settling down in the US, which means far less travel. It’s like a new chapter of my life has begun and I’m excited to bring you all along!

Over the next two months I plan to do a total re-haul of this blog. I’ll be cleaning up old content, changing the design and maybe even the name! As I’m traveling a lot less, you can also expect to see more lifestyle articles popping up as well and video segments :)

And yes – I will be filling you in on a few things that happened this past year, but for the most part I’m just really ready to just launch full forward.

Here’s to looking forward to all the good things to come!