Top 11 camping areas near Bribie Island in 2021

Who would not wish to break the regular monotony for a while and get into the camping which Brisbane has to offer? Are you ready to pack your bags and go to the most scenic camping in the Sunshine State, but how should you start? 

With amazing beachy island gateways and the rainforests in the national parks in the doorstep, you can check out various local adventurous campsites here. So, lets have a quick review on the top best camping sites near Brisbane which can prove to be best for you:

1. Bigriggen Park

It is the beautiful park surrounded by the 100 acres of the bushland and you can each to the scenic national parks just by a short drive. The place has many luxurious amenities which offers unexceptional camping site. It also has the local store and many hot showers which can provide you the best adventure and comfort as well.

2. Lake Moogerah Caravan Park

To have a relaxed weekend, you can think about visiting Lake Moogerah Cravan National Park which is situated on the shores of the Lake Moogerah and is also surrounded by the mesmerising green hills. The camping spot is quite interesting, if you are a water sports lover, this park can be the best one from you. From kayaking, passleboards, water skiing to fishing, you can get all the fun water activities here at the doorstep! It has a large range of the activities and only on a short drive you can reach Lavender Farm, bushwalking and many local wine spots as well! Surely camping bribie island can be a place worth visiting! can be a place worth visiting! 

Top 11 camping areas near Bribie Island in 2021

3. Conondale Camping Park

If you love doing the physical activities, this park can offer you a 56 km walk. There are three camping areas in Conondale National Park, 2 grassy campsites situated in the thick rainforest and an open forest site near the mountain streams, if you are excited for a best adventure, the park is the ultimate one for you!

4. Mount Barney Camping Area

It is Brisbane’s best picturesque camping gateways. It has stars all round and has the rocky mountain peaks which gives an amazing appearance during the sunset. If you are an adventure lover you can take a trip to the Mount Barney which has the experienced hikers as well.

5. Cedar Grove- Perfect Camping Site

The camping area is surrounded by the dense forest and also has a small creek which is perfect for a weekend off. It is away from the hustle and the bustle of the city life. You can go for a hike in the midst of the dense forest or may be spend a day just relaxing thereby making this place your own. Cedar Grove is the high rate and is one of the great camping areas near Brisbane. You can go with the dear ones and have a great adventure out there.

Top 11 camping areas near Bribie Island in 2021

6. Peach Trees Camping Location

Just from two hours from Brisbane, Peach Trees Camping is the best place for a relaxed weekend away from the mates. If you love kangaroos, you can enjoy the site here and go for the vibrant camping experience. So, grab the chance to get into the bush walks and get close to nature too.

7. Lumley Hill Camp Ground 

It is located on the beautiful lake and it caters to both the families as well as the large groups. You can get involved in canoeing and kayaking and therefore you can enjoy and relax the stay under the natural shade of the lush leafy vegetation. Lush green grass, scenic beauty and lot of kangaroos, it has the wide variety of the native birds during the stay.

Top 11 camping areas near Bribie Island in 2021

8. Lamington National Park

If you want to view the ancient trees, mesmerising views and the extensive tracks for free walking, lamington National Park is absolutely perfect for the ones who are eco conscious. It’s a protected piece of the subtropical rainforest and has huge amount of the flora and the fauna. You will be able to find the two campgrounds, which is a public site at the Green Mountains and also has a private site at Binna Burra Mountain Lodge. Bush Camping is also available here during the month of December and January.

9. Cylinder Beach Camping Spot

It is located on the picturesque 580-acre dairy farm which is on the Mary River. It is the best place for swimming and kayaking too.

10. Kenilworth Camping 

It is the place you must visit along with you families and friends. It is located on the dairy farm on the banks of the Mary River. The property is full of camping sites and the best thing is that if you have a dog, they are permitted. Try to find the platypus in the Mary River which consists of the pristine waters and also has the great spot for the swimming and kayaking.

11. Minjerribah Camping 

It is located on North Stradbroke Island and is only accessible by Vehicle Ferry r Water Taxi from Cleveland. You can experience yourself here close to nature. It has activities like scuba diving, paddleboarding etc.

Bottom Line 

Pack your bags then and get ready for the best camping sites near Bribie Island. You can enjoy here solo, with family or friends. It will surely help you break the monotony and take a break from the hustle and bustle for a while!

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