Here is where I’ll be adding all of the Fanta I have found and tried across the world!
Be sure to check back often…knowing me this list will be updated fairly frequently compared to my Kit Kat page.

#1) Nihon no Kajitsu Momo — Japanese Peach (Country: Japan)

Kobe - 2011

#2) Fruit Punch (Country: Japan)

Kyoto - 2011

#3) Funmix: Cola + Orange (Country: Japan)

Osaka - 2011

#4) Furu Furu Sheika Gureepu— Furu Furu Shaker Grape (Country: Japan)

*”Furu Furu” is a shaking onomatopoeia in Japanese. When you shake this Fanta, the liquid turns into jelly.

Osaka - 2011

#5) Sour Green Apple (Country: Hong Kong)

Hong Kong

#6 and #7) Nam Quiew — Green Water (Country: Thailand) and Nam Dang — Red Water (Country: Thailand)

Phuket - Nov 2013

#8) Masukatto — Muscat (Country: Japan)

Tokyo, Japan

#9) Apple (Country: China)

Shanghai - Apr 2013

#10) Mango (Country: Hong Kong)

Hong Kong

#11) Peach (Country: China)

Shenzhen - Mar 2013

#12) Painappuru — Pineapple (Country: Japan)


#13) Halloween Orange and Grape (Country: Japan)

Hong Kong

#14) Anggur (Country: Malaysia)

Malaysia - Jan 2014

#15) “Royal” Tru-Orange (Country: Philippines)

Philippines - Apr 2014

#16) Icy Lemon (Country: UK)

Fanta "Icy Lemon" - London

#17) Fruit Twist (Country: UK)

Fanta "Fruit Twist" - London

#18) Pêche Abricot — Peach Apricot (Country: France)

Fanta "Pêche Abricot" - Paris

#19) Citron Frappe — Lemon Frappe (Country: France)

Fanta "Citron Frappe" - Paris

#20) Tropical (Country: France)

Fanta "Tropical" - Nice

#21) Holunderblüte — Elderflower (Country: Germany)

Fanta "Holunderblüte" - Munich

#22) Pomelo (Country: Netherlands)

Fanta "Pomelo" - Rotterdam

#23) Cassis – Currant (Country: Netherlands)


#24) Jahoda A Kiwi — Strawberry Kiwi (Country: Czech Republic)

Fanta "Jahoda A Kiwi" - Prague

#25) Malina — Raspberry (Country: Czech Republic)

Fanta "Malina" - Prague

#26) Broskyna A Marhula — Peach Apricot (Country: Czech Republic)

Fanta "Broskyna A Marhula" - Prague

#27) Limonata — Lemon (Country: Italy)

Fanta "Limonata" - Venice

#28) Amara Aranciata — (Country: Italy)

Fanta "Amara Aranciata" - Venice

#29) Aranciata Rossa (Country: Italy)

Fanta "Aranciata Rossa" - Rome

#30) Kolita (Country: Costa Rica)

Fanta "Kolita" - Costa Rica

#31) Piña — Pineapple (Country: Guatemala)

Guatemala - September 2014

#32) Multifruta (Country: Guatemala)

Guatemala - September 2014
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Which Fanta would you like to try? Have a Fanta you’d like to send me to try? Get in touch!


  1. April 19, 2014 / 10:02 pm

    I tried Fanta Kolita in Costa Rica – it was the sweetest drink on earth and to my surprise Costa Ricans drink it as a milkshake with whipped cream!

  2. March 19, 2014 / 10:00 pm

    I would love to try Mango! It sounds delicious… In Equatorial Guinea we love Fanta too, but we have the regular Lemon, Pineapple and Strawberry flavors.

    • Beth Williams
      March 25, 2014 / 3:54 pm

      Lemon?! I’ve never seen Lemon Fanta anywhere. I haven’t even tried pineapple, although I do think we have that in the US…

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