Here is where I’ll be adding all of the Kit Kats I have found and tried across the world!
Sadly, I don’t think this page will be updated as often as my Fanta page, unless I’m traveling in Japan where most of the odd Kit Kats can be found.

And just why are Kit Kats so popular in Japan you may wonder?  The Japanese pronounce Kit Kat is “kitto katto” (キットカット), which sounds like “kitto katsu” (きっと勝つ) meaning “surely win”, a term of good luck. Thus, Kit Kats are often given to students taking exams or to family and friends for good luck. You’ll often find a space to write encouraging messages on Japanese Kit Kat boxes as well.

#1) Wa Ichigo — Japanese Strawberry (Country: Japan)

Hong Kong

#2) Buruuberii Chiizu Keeki Aji — Blueberry Cheesecake Flavor (Country: Japan)

Hong Kong

#3) Annin Tofu Fuumi — Almond Jelly Flavor (Country: Japan)


#4) Kankitsu Kogane Burendo — Golden Citrus Blend (Country: Japan)

Tokyo, Japan

#5) Amaou Ichigo — Amaou Strawberry (Country: Japan)


#6) Eitaro Kuromitsu — Muscovado Syrup (Country: Japan)


#7) Yawataya Isogoro Ichimi — Hot Japanese Chili Powder (Country: Japan)


#8) Azuki Sando Aji — Red Bean Sandwich Flavor (Country: Japan)


#9) Beni Imo — Purple Sweet Potato (Country: Japan)

Hong Kong

#10) Shinshuu Ringo — Shinshuu Apple (Country: Japan)

Tokyo, Japan

#11) Zunda Fuumi — Mashed Green Soybean Flavor (Country: Japan)

*A limited edition that sent 10 yen for every bar sold to support Tohoku after the 2011 Earthquake.

#12) Shogoin Yatsuhashi — Cinnamon Cookie (Country: Japan)

#13) Kobe Purin Fuumi — Kobe Pudding Flavor (Country: Japan)

#14) Uji Matcha — Uji Green Tea (Country: Japan)

Osaka - 2011

#15) Hotto Keeki Aji —  Hot Cake Flavor (Country: Japan)

Osaka - 2011

#16) Yuubari Meron —  Yubari Melon (Country: Japan)

Hong Kong

#17) Sakura Matcha Rateshitate —  Cherry Blossom Green Tea Latte (Country: Japan)

Hong Kong

#18) Fei Hung Kei —  Limited Edition Kit Kat “Flight” Game (Country: Hong Kong)

*Although not an actual Kit Kat per se, I thought it was cool that they made a Kit Kat version of the popular Chinese game, so I had to buy one and include it in my list!


#19) Wasabi —  Wasabi (Country: Japan)

Osaka - 2011

#20) Hojicha —  Roasted Green Tea (Country: Japan)

Osaka - 2011

#21) Chunky 3:  Cookies and Cream (Country: Hong Kong)

Shenzhen - Aug 2013

#22) Chunky 3: Caramel (Country: Hong Kong)


#23) Chunky 3: Choc Mint (Country: Hong Kong)


#24) Sutoroberii Chiizukeeki Aji — Strawberry Cheesecake Flavor (Country: Japan)

Tokyo, Japan

#25) Chunky: Peanut Butter (Country: Hong Kong)

Hong Kong

#26) Yakiite*: Purin Aji — Pudding Flavor (Country: Japan)

*The Yakiite KitKat series involves actually baking the KitKat bars in the oven until crispy!

Hong Kong

#27) Chunky: Coconut (Country: Prague)

KitKat "Coconut" - Prague

#28) Chunky: Hazelnut Cream (Country: Prague)

KitKat "Hazelnut Cream" - Prague

#29) Chunky: White Chocolate Android Edition (Country: Prague)

KitKat "Android White" - Prague

#30) Orange Flavor (Country: Hong Kong)

KitKat "Orange" - Hong Kong

#31) Panpukin Purin Aji — Pumpkin Pudding Flavor (Country: Japan)


#32) Ramu Reezin – Rum Raisin (Country: Japan)


Which Kit Kat flavor would you most like to try? Have KitKats you’d like to sent me to try? Get in touch!