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Difference between Japanese Nakiri Vs Santoku Knife

Japanese Nakiri vs Santoku Knife - What is the difference?

Did you hear about a Nakiri knife and a Santoku knife and you are wondering which of the two knives you need to buy for your kitchen use? Do you know much about these two knives? What are some of the major differences? The above questions are just the tip of the iceberg! If you […]

Difference between Japanese Kiritsuke vs Santoku Knife

Japanese Kiritsuke vs Santoku Knife - What is the difference?

You must have been overthinking about choosing one of these two top Japanese knives – the Kiritsuke knife and the Santoku knife for your vast kitchen needs, right? Or,  if you are reading this article, you basically know the best uses for the Kiritsuke knife and its rival the Santoku knife, isn’t that the case? […]

What is the difference between a Santoku and Gyuto Knife?

Santoku vs Gyuto knife. Difference between Santoku vs Gyuto knife

If you are not quite familiar with Japanese kitchen knives, the names Santoku and Gyuto will probably sound strange to you. Even an expert with knives that knows the different kinds of steel and the various edge grinds, might have never come across these Japanese knives before. Don’t worry, they are knives that can be […]

Best Santoku Knife – Japanese Santoku Knife Reviews

Santoku is a Japanese word that means “three uses” or “three virtues”. This knife is a multi-purpose kitchen knife that originates from Japan. This knife is perfect for home kitchens because you can use it to cut vegetables, fish, and meat. This knife can also be used to mince, dice, and slice a wide variety […]

What Is a Japanese Santoku Knife Used For?

Japanese Santoku knife uses - What is a Santoku knife used for?

Santoku is a Japanese word that means “three virtues “. This explains clearly usefulness of the Japanese Santoku knife. This knife works well for chopping, mincing, and dicing. You can use it to cut vegetables, fish, and meat. People often recommend the Santoku knife as a multi-task kitchen knife. Many Japanese households use this knife. […]