Foto Friday: Happy National Donut Day from Chicago

Foto Friday: Happy National Donut Day from Chicago

Every Friday I’ll be sharing a photo from someplace in my travels.

This week’s photo is of delicious donuts downtown Chicago!

Today is National Donut Day (also known as the best holiday ever), and I’m happy to finally be able to celebrate my favorite food this year after not being able to the past two years while living in Hong Kong — a country which seemingly hates donuts.

Much like every other Chicagoan in the city, I lined up to get my fair share of Do-Rite Donuts this morning. Was it worth waiting 20+ minutes just for a donut? Well, I think that can only be answered with: have you had Do-Rite Donuts before? They’re an institution here in the city and probably the best donuts around… so, yes!

Happy National Donut Day from Chicago!


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  • Clay says:

    …And i’m jealous! I think i’ve actually heard of that donut place in Chicago. Between that and Intelligentsia coffee, Chicago seems like quite the place for foodies. Great photo by the way. :)

    • Beth Williams says:

      Oh man, Chicago is so dangerous with all its delicious food! Especially since we can only get outside a few months of the year to work it off ;)

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