Living in Asia is generally safe. However, it’s nice to have a bag that I know is going to keep my belongings secure, especially when visiting certain areas.

Before when I was traveling through Mainland China, I always had to wear my backpack on my front to guard against pickpockets and bag slashers. While this not only looks ridiculous, it’s was also just really uncomfortable and impractical. I knew I needed a better bag for traveling.

So when I heard about Pacsafe, a company that specializes in anti-theft bags and travel security products, their products sounded like the perfect fit for me.

I was excited to get my hands on their Slingsafe 300 GII backpack, which quickly became my new favorite travel companion.

Hong Kong


Slashproof eXomesh® Panels: The bag has built-in stainless steel mesh panels, which help to safeguard against bag slashers. So if someone where to try slashing the bottom of your bag, the contents wouldn’t fall out (minus maybe really small items like chap sticks, pens, etc.). This is a huge plus for traveling around Asia, where bag slashing is a relatively common way to get pickpocket.

Smart Zippers: The zippers can all be clipped onto a security hook. When in place, unless you’re pulling on the hook, a bungee cord keeps it discretely hidden in your bag. This makes it hard for pickpockets to open your zippers, and if they did attempt to open your bag, it would be nearly impossible to not notice.

RFID-blocking Pocket: While RFIDs are good for storing information, they unfortunately make it easier to fall victim to identity theft. Inside the Slingsafe are pockets the perfect size for storing passports, credit cards, or other RFID-using items. The pocket is made from a special material that makes it impossible to download personal information off anything stored inside.

Locking Shoulder Strap: One shoulder strap can be detached from the bag via a locking security hook. Similar to a bike lock, you can then use the strap of your bag to lock it around fixed objects. This is perfect for when you are dinning at a restaurant, since you can lock your bag around the table or chair to prevent someone from easily grabbing your bag and walking off.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong  Hong Kong


The bag is extremely light weight and soft to the point that it’s almost plushy, which makes it extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Once settling in at our destination, I’ve had multiple people tell me it’s okay to take off the bag and relax a bit. But I always end up retorting that it isn’t necessary because it’s comfortable and I hardly notice it’s on.

The bag has a wonderful design, but it’s obviously built for women. It’s size is on the smaller side for a backpack, but that gives it a more feminine look. The colors are also pretty girly, but the bright pink color is something that makes me love the bag even more. While there are other colors such as baby blue or an earthy green, the inside is covered in colorful polka-dots, so I don’t see many guys using this bag.

Inside, the two main compartments are further organized with small pockets and compartments. Finding what I need quickly has yet to be an issue. And I love the outside side-pockets, which are perfect for water bottles and umbrellas.

On top of all that? The bag is waterproof. Living in Hong Kong has enabled me to fully test this feature many times over the past few months!

Hong Kong


  • Despite it’s small size, I can fit almost everything I need inside without a problem. However, I wish it were just an inch bigger so that I could fit my Macbook Pro inside more comfortable. The bag is designed to hold a 13”, but unfortunately mine is a 15”. While my laptop does still fit, because the opening of the bag narrows (a hidden safety feature I presume?), it’s a bit hard getting things in and out easily.
  • Both of the straps have started to fray along the edges. This could easily be fixed by using a more sturdy thread or maybe even just spraying fray protection on these areas. While this is minor and doesn’t seem to affect the bag in any way, I have only been using it for around 3 months. If it does actually start to come apart, at least all Pacsafe products come with a 5 year warranty– I just hope I don’t have to use it!
  • My last complaint is a bit picky, but something I complain about often nonetheless. Because the bag is so soft, the zipper is a bit flimsy. When you try to zip it quickly, the bag caves in making it hard to zip. This makes it nearly impossible to zip with only one hand— something that I find myself often doing as a traveler. I don’t know how they would fix this, but if they would make the zipper stiffer, without compromising the bags softness, I’d be one happy camper.
Hong Kong

Wandering safely with my Pacsafe!


Yes, Yes, Yes, and…Yes!

Since receiving this bag, it’s become my favorite go-to bag. I use it almost daily here in Hong Kong and it’s even survived my most recent visits to Mainland China! I think it’s the perfect blend of cute and functional, not too mention all the safety benefits.

With that being said, I highly recommend you look into Pacsafe for your next travel accessory purchases! While the products are a little on the expensive side, being able to enjoy your trip to the fullest by knowing that your valuables are secure is priceless.

(And for everything else, like if your bag gets stolen, there’s MasterCard. Just kidding!)

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary Pacsafe Slingsafe 300 GII, but was never asked to write a favorable review. All opinions, as always, are my own.

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