So, you’ve just arrived back home from the most amazing experience that you’ve ever had in your whole, entire life. Travelling isn’t the distant, near-unachievable dream that it was in the past, now it’s the dream nearly anyone can make a reality.

It doesn’t matter where you want to go, the world is literally your oyster, but… At some point, the large majority of travellers have to make the difficult trip home. Plenty of people who’ve been travelling will miss the home comforts, but the scales are pretty even with explorers who would rather discover more of the world; especially the food and culture.

If home life is inevitable, you could well find that you’re a bit bored as you slide back into your old routine. But, don’t let that be the end of it because you can use your time back at home to your advantage; seeing friends, saving money to go away again and eating home-cooked dinners are just three of the benefits.

Why not check out this list of cool tips that will help you get over the travel blues and who knows before you know it you could be off on your next adventure!

1. Hold on to/adopt an up-for-it attitude

The sense of freedom is usually enough to get anyone in the mood to try all sorts of new things, whether that be food, white-water rafting trips, skydives or even some of the local language. You don’t have to keep this strictly reserved for your time away though.

Why not hold on to the up-for-it attitude when you get home too? Even if you were a little more timid during your travels, you can try adopting this outgoing approach to keep you feel exhilarated in smaller doses.

There’s more than likely going to be some things that you haven’t tried near the places you live, so get a list written down and get to work at crossing them off!

2. Have a positive mental outlook on life

Carrying on nicely from the first point, we move to the next, which is to have a positive mental outlook on life in general.

There will definitely have been moments during your time away that left you pining for home, or just not as fun as other high-spirited times that you went on to enjoy while you were away.

Being positive is good for you and everyone around you. Do you remember that torrid night train with the snoring old guy right next to you? Now compare that to your blissful bedroom sanctuary with your heavenly pillows and idyllic mattress! Speaking of which, if you do need some new sleep kit the Sleep Advisor gang can help you out!

The chances are that you’re now enjoying safer roads, slick and consistent Wi-Fi, and when you order a Nando’s, you know that it’s chicken you’re eating!

3. Bask in that ‘you time’

You found yourself while you were travelling, and now you don’t have to worry about what your place in society is, you can kick back and bask in some precious ‘you time’.

You learnt to unwind on your travels, so put that into practice now you’re on home soil too. take some time our during the day, of an evening, or on the weekend to appreciate what you have and that you can also enjoy your own company. Delightful!

4. Don’t be the cliché traveller around your friends and family

Just like Howard Wolowitz in The Big Bang Theory when he returned from his space mission, you don’t want to overdo it with the “This one time in…” chat.  Sure, everyone will want to hear about what you got up to, what was good and who you met, but don’t become a cliché.

If you want to talk about your travels aplenty, then just stay in touch with your pals from your trip. It’s such an easy thing to do these days and you can choose from WhatsApp, email, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DMs, Skype, you name it, you can keep in constant contact.

You can hit them up and chat about the experiences you all shared, which could lead to you all booking another adventure. Sounds pretty good when you think of it like that, huh?

5. You’ve grown as a person and you should value it

You’re sure to have gone through some testing times, and some super high moments as well. The great thing is that you survived them all to come out the other side and tell the tales, but not too much (see the previous point).

Did you end up working in a weird but wonderful bar? Would you go back and do it all again in an instant even though you lost your passport and got stuck in one place for longer than planned? Did you make an entirely new circle of friends from across the globe?

Everything we’ve mentioned and more just goes to show that you’ve grown as a person; there’s more to you than before, you have more to offer than you thought, and you should value this.

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