Having language skills is essential before traveling to Spain.

In order to travel and enjoy yourself it is necessary to have skills in the language of the country of origin or to know some basic phrases to be able to communicate easily with those who live there. This can be solved by buying a dictionary of terms or attending top-rated language courses, especially if we talk about Spain.

Having language skills is essential before traveling to Spain.


Spanish courses Barcelona offers to their visitors are fun and dynamic, and they are intended to teach from group activities and have a good time with your family or friends. The most important thing about these courses is that they teach you to lose embarrassment in front of strangers who know the language.

Why visit Barcelona

First of all, it is the second most populated city in Spain, and you can enjoy the scenery by the sea. It is essential that before visiting this place, you attend a Spanish language school as Spanish school Barcelona offers also have exciting information about restaurants, bars and places where you can enjoy a good meal and drinks.

This city has activities with family, friends, alone or with your partner. The fun is endless because they are used to receiving tourists and always want them to have the best time and then have intentions to come back.

Suppose you are planning a trip with friends. In that case, this place is ideal for visiting in summer because its coasts are the most envied by the countries that make up the European territory. Although all of Europe is admirable, there is a lot of youth and fun, in Spain, especially in high season.

Of course, it is acceptable to visit this place with family, and there is a lot of cultures, modern architecture, and museums with admirable works that cannot be missed. This place is also a place to have fun watching street shows or attending the cinema or open-air concerts.

The gastronomy in Spain will produce in you a before and after, the traditional recipes with products extracted from the sea as the paella will leave you breathless, you can enjoy it with a wine of level, and the desserts are exquisite since its kitchen is also dedicated to the specialized sweets.

If we talk about language and communication, tourists are interested in the culture and the ways of expressing themselves of those who live there, mostly and on their own they enroll in Spanish courses to immerse themselves thoroughly with the Spanish roots, schools like Expanish offer courses of all levels to learn.

Why is language so important?

Having language skills is essential before traveling to Spain.

Speaking the same language is important from a communication point of view, but it also means that you respect the place you are visiting. Many countries, such as France, are stringent in language because if a tourist is visiting and does not know how to express himself or speak in English, they do not like it.

In some other places, there is no problem with communication. People are amiable, and you can communicate even with gestures or a neutral language that is not proper for the country. However, it is always considerable that you learn basic expressions such as “Hello, please, thank you” to understand yourself respectfully.

Tourists, in general, like to learn other languages as they visit new places, this helps not only to be able to communicate with ease but to open the mind and make the brain work in new ways, not to be locked into the basics of communication and to understand that there are other ways to create bonds with people.

What places can I visit in Barcelona?

The Sagrada Familia

Suppose you travel to Spain with the idea of soaking in its culture. In that case, you cannot miss the construction that Antonio Gaudi made, especially in commemoration of the city in 1882. It is not yet finished. It is estimated that its end will be in 2026 as some details and updates are made to the most visited monument.

You will have to see it with your own eyes to understand the magnitude of this construction, which combines a modern and ancient style in the same work. Its attraction is installed in the recreated figures evoking religion, which is crucial in Spanish society.


The tourist viewpoints are distributed in strategic places throughout the city and allow you to have a panoramic view of the coasts and the skyscrapers that exist in this city that has managed to combine the new and the old to give way to the impressive buildings that attract tourists.

Having language skills is essential before traveling to Spain.

Riding a bike along the coast

There is no activity more relaxing than riding a bicycle and even more if it is done to observe the seashore, where the sunsets are hypnotic and can be accompanied byby a few drinks. Besides being along the coasts, the tour can also be enjoyed through small alleys and emblematic neighborhoods of the place.

The port and the parks are other options for tourists to observe the Spanish way of life and get to know the attractions Barcelona has to show them. They can even take a culinary tour by bicycle and stop at different restaurants to taste the chefs’ delicacies.

There are hundreds of places to visit, but they say that the best ones are known from the recommendations of the locals that is why they recommend taking Spanish courses beforehand to be able to communicate and receive and understand the indications of those who know and know exotic and worthwhile places to visit.

Maps and the Internet may show the most popular places, but the Spaniard will surely know where to get the best bread, where to taste the best and cheapest wine, which gifts are worth taking for the family, and which landscapes are not to be missed if you are visiting for the first time. It is always good to have extra information that opens the eyes to recognize what will impact the heart.

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