7 Unforgettable experiences that you only experience in Rajasthan

Rajasthan, The vibrant destination of deserts, kathputlis, and palaces, offers a variety of faces that not many are aware of. We’re talking about the offbeat tourist activities and experiences in Rajasthan. When you next go to one of the beautiful cities of Rajasthan, Try to take a look beyond the impressive palaces and forts that are centuries old and discover the stories of the towns and villages in a truly unique manner.

7 Unforgettable experiences that you only experience in Rajasthan

Instead of being a typical tourist, become the person who wants to experience the place as the locals do. Rajasthan is among the most flexible states in India that can provide almost every kind of activity.

It is possible to make it the ultimate food adventure, go on a ghost hunting tour, or experience the royal lifestyle in the historic Havelis of Rajasthan. The chances are endless—so here is the summary about some lesser-known tours and destinations in Rajasthan. You do see how many of them you recognise!

1. Ghost hunting is a must in Rajasthan.

Ghosts, spirits, and the secrets they keep! Rajasthan is brimming with secrets and undiscovered tales. The antique palaces and Havelis at Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Jaipur, and other places have a great deal of mystery. The old walls and the high ceilings are covered with frightening stories from the past.

Some of these tales that are terrifying and thrilling (in an entirely different way) to hear are those from the old ruin sites in Kuldhara, Brijraj Bhavan, Jagatpura, and Bhangarh which you must include in your Rajasthan tour packages itinerary. The stories associated with them include the spine-chilling stories that people continue to believe, but why? They have their reasons.

7 Unforgettable experiences that you only experience in Rajasthan
The village in Kuldhara located in Jaisalmer is believed to have been a cursed town abandoned overnight by many people. Nobody is aware of the reason or location they vanished. If you decide to visit this haunted place at any time, make sure you depart before 6 pm, as the site is believed to be flush with negative energy.

2. Take advantage of hot air balloon flights in Rajasthan.

Although not widely known, Hot balloon flight is thought to be the best method to experience the splendor of desert cities and the old-fashioned towns of Rajasthan. It uniquely showcases the brilliance of Rajasthan. Imagine yourself floating effortlessly across the Pink City and admiring the breathtaking views from the air of the majestic Amber Fort in Jaipur.

The rides run for around one hour and, believe me; it will be the most thrilling experience! It’s the perfect time to enter your excitement mode and take a flight of up to 4000 feet in the air and indulge your eyes in a luxurious experience! Don’t miss those hot balloon rides available in Pushkar and also.

3. When in Rajasthan, relish laal maas.

Laal maas is not a typical delicacy, and it is a delight for the royalty! This popular meat dish from Rajasthan is prepared with lots of dried red chilies that have been roasted and several other spices from the local area for additional flavor. If you’re an individual who likes to experiment with food, this dish will inevitably add a touch of spice to your travels more.

7 Unforgettable experiences that you only experience in Rajasthan

Whether it’s Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, or Jaipur, each city has many excellent eateries in which you can enjoy this delicacy in an authentic Rajasthani atmosphere. It’s a beautiful thought to think that all the ideas you have on your list could be fulfilled in Rajasthan.

4. Camping at night in the golden desert of Rajasthan

If gazing up towards the night sky and the infinite sky is one of your most favorite activities, Imagine doing the same lying back in solitude in the desert. Jaisalmer, also known as Rajasthan’s Golden City, is famed for giving such once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Many tour operators in the city organize camping in the desert. And, should you want, they can also organize bonfires and cultural programs. Camels can also be ridden and sunsets can be enjoyed.

It’s simply magnificent. Camping on the sand dunes, especially the Sam Sand Dunes, is the most beautiful thing about Rajasthan and may be the only way to enjoy the magnificence of the country.

5. You can stay in an elegant palace.

Rajasthan is home to various grand palaces, forts, and palaces occupied by kings of the past. A number of these forts and courts have been restored and turned into heritage hotels where guests can stay and have insights into the lifestyle of queens and kings. It’s an opportunity that allows you to experience the life you’ve always wanted in the luxury of royal life.

A stay at the royal residences can enhance your Rajasthan experience unique to the place. Cities like Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, and Jaipur are the most attractive historical accommodation options. Here, you can be a part of the royal family and experience their way of life.

7 Unforgettable experiences that you only experience in Rajasthan

6. Make your way to Bullet Baba’s temple.

This isn’t something you’d expect to see! The United States has a long history of embracing anything with even a remote connection to religion, making it a huge deal. Its shrine, Bullet Baba, situated on the National Highway 65 in village Chotila of Pali district, near Jodhpur, is where the Royal Enfield motorbikes are dedicated to God!

The history behind the ritual is very bizarre and dates back to 1991. A young man named Om Singh Rathore was riding his bike on a bullet in the area and suffered a tragic accident that left him dead in the spot.

7. Explore the great Kumbhalgarh Fort

The unstoppable one! The Kumbhalgarh Fort in Rajasthan’s Mewar area, which is over seven centuries old, was erected in the fifteenth century by Rana Kumbha. Maharana Pratap, the great Mewar ruler, was born here.

This fort has never lost a battle against foreign invaders since it was built. The fort’s defence has always been a source of pride for the locals, who are grateful that armies of foes have never conquered the fort in the past!

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