Instagrammable Places in the Maldives

Known for its crystal-clear turquoise waters that surround the magnificent coastlines offering the most exquisite beaches, the island positioned in the Indian Ocean is simply a paradise. Lying southwest of India and Sri Lanka is the island of Maldives that not just is a torchbearer of marvellous picturesque landscapes but also thrilling activities. Being a hub for painting-like sceneries, to know where all you can witness the magnificence of this island is a must. Hence, providing a glimpse of locations, here are the top Instagrammable places in the Maldives that tourists, especially those who are Instagram enthusiasts, can take advantage of. With so many Instagrammable spots for you to explore, snap and remember, waste no more time and begin your planning to experience heaven with Pickyourtrail’s Maldives honeymoon package

Instagrammable Places in the Maldives

Top Instagrammable places:

The magnificent Soneva Fushi

The grand Anantara Dhigu

The aesthetic Angsana Velavaru

The beautiful Baros Maldives

The iconic Per Aquum Huvafen Fushi 

The visit-worthy Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

The peaceful Coco Prive Island

The must explore Six Senses Laamu

Slide away in the waters at Soneva Fushi

Attached to the over the water villas, serving as an ultimate highlight of the island is the giant water slide that connects the villa with the turquoise waters. What is considered simply a paradise, from clear crystal waters surrounding the magnificent resort villas known as the Soneva Fushi, complemented with the aesthetics such that of slides, makes it one marvellous Instagrammable setting. For all the Instagram enthusiasts and photogenic humans, this setting is your place so don’t forget to explore it all with a selfie stick or a drone.

Swing above the turquoise waters at Anantara Dhigu

One of a kind, as it is known, the resort comprising a hammock over the crystal-clear waters is an experience that is simply unforgettable making it essential for the vacationists to pay a visit. Be it a hammock or individual swings, with the sun shining its bright light and the turquoise waters surrounding you to greet you, the aesthetic attraction in Anantara Dhigu is not just exquisite but also mesmerizing. An utmost crucial setting for the Instagrammers to visit, this magical location cannot be missed.

Dwell in the beauty of the ocean at Angsana Velavaru

Where the sky meets the sea, where the rhythm of the waves touches your soul, where the cool breeze graze through your hair, where you are surrounded with nothing apart from picturesque beauty, is a location that can be defined as paradise. Serving as an ultimate treat to sore eyes, the view of the turquoise waters at Angsana Velavaru is not only a must-visit for the Instagrammers but also for people who are a fan of aesthetic beauty. Put on your beach dress, grab your camera because the clear waters are here to offer you the most magnificent backdrop you can ever ask for.

Instagrammable Places in the Maldives

Deck up for the Piano deck at Baros Maldives

From indulging in mouth-watering dishes for breakfast, experiencing candle-lit ambience for dinner to carrying out yoga sessions, transforming into any set-up the vacationists’ desire, a deck surrounded by the purity of turquoise waters is truly a work of art. A floating setting as the Piano deck at Baros Maldives is known as, the place is a haven for anyone who seeks beauty, tranquillity, and aesthetics. The clear waters complemented with the aesthetics of the sky, makes it a location absolutely Instagram worthy, so do not forget to take your camera along.

Float in a pool overlooking the sea at Per Aquum Huvafen Fushi 

The structure, the view, the ambience, in its entirety, the setting can be termed as a heaven for the tourists. Jump in the exquisite saltwater pool, relax under the sun while soaking in the beauty of the infinite turquoise waters because there is no way better to release your worries. An ultimate treat for the Instagrammers and humans who seek absolute aesthetics is the exquisite pool at Per Aquum Huvafen Fushi which should not be missed at any cost.

Witness the underwater delight at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Hogging on mouth-watering dishes above land is one thing, but below, amidst the marine beings is a simply unforgettable experience. A dome-like structure that is made of glass, positioned underwater with delectable dishes and drinks to indulge in, is the Ithaa underwater restaurant at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. Say hi to the marine life as they swim above and around you, as you capture the moment and enjoy the ambience because not only is this a mesmerizing experience but also an exquisite one. Delicious food, magnificent ambience and picture-perfect backdrop call for an Instagram photo.

Instagrammable Places in the Maldives

Swing away your worries at Coco Prive Island

Known as the cocoon of swingy swingy joy, this place must top your to-visit list in the Maldives. From capturing the magnificence of the surroundings to simply relaxing in a cone-shaped swing hanging over the turquoise waters, the swinging nest at Coco Prive Island is not only a paradise but a symbol of serenity. Made especially for Instagrammers, peace seekers and aesthetic lovers, this setting with crystal clear waters, marvellous ambience, and beauty all around, is a haven that is a must explore.

Explore the turquoise water views the Six Senses Laamu

Serving as the most Instagrammable spot is the Six sense Laamu where not only you can witness the clear waters meeting the sky but also the hidden beauty that is found underwater via their glass-made bathtubs. Positioned outside the villas, are the tubs that make you feel like you are floating in the middle of the magnificent turquoise waters. Where the vacationists were simply mesmerized with the beauty above the waters, the setting offers you way more to 

explore, soak and mark it as unforgettable.

Instagrammable Places in the Maldives

Known simply as a paradise on Earth, the island of Maldives, from exquisite beaches, marvellous sceneries to crystal clear waters, is a complete Maldives package. If you are a fan of aesthetics, tranquillity, purity and grandeur, then this land of magic is a must-visit for you.

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