Best restaurants in the United States

Best restaurants in the United States

The gastronomy of the United States is a perfect example of fusion and coexistence, since it not only has its own classic and very unique recipe book depending on the state where you are, but also combines the gastronomies of other countries of the world, which were incorporated with the arrival of immigrants. 

In addition, within the same country there is a great contrast that combines the cosmopolitan gastronomy of the big cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Chicago or San Francisco, together with the classic and traditional gastronomy of the interior towns. In fact, more and more people are taking food tours to visit the most iconic cities in the country, such as the famous New York Food tour that allows you to experience all the different aspects of the typical food of the Big Apple. 

As we were saying, this gastronomic mix that can be observed in the United States, has given birth to many incredible restaurants of all kinds and classes, which are places you cannot miss if you are visiting the country. Elegant and informal restaurants, where you will be able to taste typical or international food, or maybe both. There is an immense diversity when it comes to American gastronomy.

There are many restaurants in the United States that stand out in international cuisine, but the gastronomic offer throughout the territory is so vast, that it is impossible to taste every corner of the it. 

In this article, we will see which are the best and most outstanding restaurants in the United States, so that you can visit them (even if only one of them) whether you are on vacation in California or you are on a Chicago Food tour. We will provide you with the necessary information so that you know which are the restaurants you cannot miss while passing through this country. 

You will be able to taste the food of the best national and international chefs, which make up a very varied offer of international and local cuisine, where the idiosyncrasy of American life is reflected. Let´s take a look (or a taste) at the best restaurants in the US. 


This is a restaurant that offers Mexican food, which is why it is known as the “Mexican in New York”. This wonderful gastronomic space is directed by the world famous chef, Enrique Olivera, who prepares dishes based on Mexican flavors and traditions, but at the same time fused with local ingredients of each season. 

If you are on a New York Food tour, they will surely take you to taste this delicious contemporary cuisine; and if not, be sure to go on your own. The restaurant is located in the Flatiron district, where the flavors of Mexico collide with seasonal ingredients from the Hudson Valley and the surrounding area.

Best restaurants in the United States


This restaurant located in Chicago attracts the most demanding palates, and above all, those diners who are eager to taste new dishes. Here, the most avant-garde dishes of American gastronomy are offered by chef Grant Achatz, the great master of molecular cuisine.

Alinea offers truly unique flavors, smells, textures and shapes. A multitude of ingredients are fused in the kitchen to create the most original flavors and structures. If you find yourself on a Chicago Food tour, Alinea will surely be a must stop, as it is not only a delight to the palate but also offers a complete experience through its almost theatrical ambiance, which is definitely unconventional. It is a truly innovative and special place, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. 

Le Couou

This typical French restaurant located in the Little Italy neighborhood in New York, cannot be missing in the list of the best restaurants in the United States. Commanded by the famous chef Daniel Rose, who was formed and worked in France, which is the reason why the Le Couou´s menu is clearly inspired based on French cuisine.

In this cozy restaurant you can enjoy an elegant and relaxed atmosphere, where you can have breakfast, lunch (or brunch) and dinner. Any time is ideal for visiting this place and enjoying its dishes. Decorated with high candles placed on slender candlesticks, which generates a very sensual essence.

The waiters and all the staff are so friendly that they make the evening a really enjoyable experience. The specialty here are the dishes with fish, such as “Veronique”, a dish (the star dish, we could say) composed of sole served with mushrooms and grapes.

Ivan Ramen

Few people dare to open a ramen restaurant in New York City, but not American chef Ivan Orkin, who fell deeply in love with Japanese cuisine. It is a very original and different cuisine, where sea salts, pork, chicken broth, mushrooms, eggs and rye noodles stand out in both hot and cold dishes. 

However, the real protagonist here is ramen, which is presented in five different preparations, in which, in addition to the basic ingredients, tofu, tomato and bamboo are added. Other specialties of the chef that you must try if you visit this restaurant are: “Chicken Paitan”, “Triple Garlic Mazemen”, and “Triple Pork”. In addition, you can taste a wide variety of rice-based cocktails, beers of Japanese origin, sakes and a great wine list.


Located in Philadelphia, Zahav was recognized by the James Beard Foundation as one of the best restaurants in the United States, in 2017.

Zahav was created by Israeli chef Michael Solomonov, who was responsible for installing the typical Jewish food of Israel in this state. The name of the restaurant means “gold”, which is undoubtedly a very significant name for Israeli culture.

The gastronomic space of chef Solomonov gives life to the most authentic flavors of Israel, in the North America, with a touch of topicality and merged with the place. Zahav’s specialties are; creamy nut humus, small dishes to share, bread Laffa, and grilled meat skewers.

You cannot miss visiting this wonderful restaurant and trying all the delights that await you, as well as the rest of the restaurants we have mentioned in this article.

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