Top Sunset and Sunrise Spots to Visit in Singapore

Sunset and sunrise are things that you must never miss wherever you are. And when you are traveling in Singapore, you must add this as an agenda to your tour list. Singapore is a beautiful city, where you can enjoy scenic sunsets and sunrises. So, if you have planned to visit the best and most photogenic locations, you need to take a look at the below sunset and sunrise points.

Top Sunset and Sunrise Spots to Visit in Singapore

  1. Marina Bay Sands Sunset

If you are yearning to watch the scenic sunset in Singapore, then you need to visit SkyPark Deck at the Marina Bay Sands. You have to pay an entry fee of twenty dollars, but you will get lots of places to see free sunset from the place. But you will love the view of the sunset from the fifty-seven-story building with a fee, and it will not be too bad.

You can have a bird’s eye view of the city from the deck, you can see the Singapore river, the shopping stores, the super-tree structures in the gardens, and many more. Also, if you are lucky enough to stay at the hotel, you must have your DSLR with you to catch the sunset scene from the poolside. The park is open from eleven pm to nine pm.

  1. Pasir Ris Park

To experience beautiful sunrise, you can travel a bit far, and you can find yourself in Pasir Ris Park. You will fall in love with the modern designs of this park, and the highly-maintained mangrove forest. To watch better sunrise, you can walk on the boardwalk in the mangrove section, and reach the bird-watching tower. From here, you can not only watch the beautiful sunrise but also catch the early birds in action.

If you didn’t reach the tower, go to the beach, where you can get breathtaking photos of crimson sunrise. The pictures will be popular once you post them on social media sites.

  1. Changi Boardwalk

For a beautiful sunset, you need to head to Changi Boardwalk. This is one of the best and most famous places in Singapore for sunset lovers. It’s just a 2.2-kilometer walk on the Changi point, and it’s also called the sunset walk here.

For a nice view, you can walk to the western section and enjoy the sea with the sun saying goodbye to the world for the day. If you focus a bit, you can check out the Punggol HDB lights in the far.

But just the western section isn’t enough, as the entire boardwalk is fascinating, and you will get beautiful views from all sides. You can also visit Changi Boardwalk at the time of sunrise, also while walking there, you can enjoy the sight of the beach. If you are there at sunset time, you will get guidance from the lampposts, and there are lots of rest points at the front of the water.

Top Sunset and Sunrise Spots to Visit in Singapore

  1. Mount Faber

This is another place where you can not only enjoy a scenic sunset but beautiful sunrise too. If you like to hike, you can go up to the second highest hill in Singapore, which is Mount Faber. The hilltop viewing of sunset and sunrise is free, so is the hiking and you will get a view of the city skyline from there. You will love the lush greenery of the hill, which is a rainforest, and it’s pleasant as it’s not that dense like the highest point in Singapore.

After you have snapped the pictures of the sunset or sunrise, turn to the amazing view of the southern islands. There is a heritage trail, where you can learn more about the history of the country. In addition, you can opt for another hike to the Henderson Waves, which is the highest bridge in the country.


There are three other places where you can watch sunset and sunrise, Upper pierce reservoir, Yishun Dam, and the Punggol waterway park. Make a list of these places and the ones mentioned above, so on your net trip to Singapore, you cover all these areas.

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