Why Are Turkish Towels the Best Travel Towel?

Why Are Turkish Towels the Best Travel Towel?

Travel is the thing that brings the color of adventure to your life, and if your trip is free from hassles, then it will add great memories to your life. But to make it a good memory, you need to carry the basic things that belong to you. Many people think hotels and hostels will already have basic things like towels, soap, etc, so why do they need to buy a new one? 

Many people are hygiene conscious and must carry their towels for comfort. But if you have a bulky and hard cotton towel, it is very difficult to carry, and these kinds of towels get harder and rough after every wash and occupy a large space. If you are planning for a trip, then it’s high time you to switch to Turkish towels.

You wonder why you should switch to a Turkish towel. I will tell you about its many functions and uses in this read. 

Turkish towel not only has versatility but it’s durable. Because it is composed of long cotton fiber that makes it soft, it also has quick drying and the best absorbent quality. And its lightweight and space-saving nature make it the best and strongest travel towel.

Functionalities Of Turkish Towel

Why take one functionality? There are lots of functionality of Turkish towels, such as

Use On a Plane Or Transit For Added Warmth Or As A Barrier Between The Seat And Your Skin

It would be best for a soft and warm feeling when you travel on a plane. But it is not possible with your ordinary towel. The long fiber cotton of Turkish cotton allows the towel to provide a warm and calm feeling. You are mostly hygiene conscious and don’t want to sit directly on the seat. This Turkish towel is the best option for you as it is also antibacterial.

Use As A Towel On Arrival – Absorbent, Quick Drying

The microfiber cotton towel is the best option for arrival use because it has the capacity to absorb and dry quickly. They are the perfect bath towel that comes in many sizes and colors. The fast drying quality makes it a travel towel. So you don’t have to be fear about keeping a soggy musty loopy terry towel. Do you know? The Turkish towel will get more soft with every wash.

Use At The Beach – Shakes Sand Off Easily And Can Even Be Used As A Knapsack To Carry Loose Items

If we can say these are Turkish beach towels, then it won’t be wrong because the cotton of Turkish towels repels the sand and grass. And this functionality makes it best for the beach. It is also a knapsack to carry loose items at the beach or picnic. So do not carry a basket or bag for it.

Wear As A Sarong At The Beach Or Pool – So Many Ways To Wear And Looks Oh So Stylish

Sometimes, it is difficult to hide at the beach, pool, or under the sun. But now it’s fashionable to wrap yourself in a Turkish towel or wear it as a sarong. The lightweight and soft cotton of the Turkish beach towel keep your body cool and protected.

Cover A Hot Seat On Tropical Vacations Or A Cold Seat On Ski Vacations

When you travel on a tropical vacation, it is difficult to sit on a hot seat; likewise, in winter, the seat gets cold and needs time to get warm. But if you have a Turkish towel, it works as the best barrier between you and your seat in both seasons because it is made up of top-quality cotton fiber that has the ability to provide the functionality you need.

Why Are They Great For Travel?

Why Are Turkish Towels the Best Travel Towel?

They pack up small. Turkish cotton allows the towel to take less space and adjust in a small space, unlike your old thick towel, which takes more space in your bag and provides less room for essential things.

They can wear a shawl/scarf. You can also wear Turkish cotton as a scarf and shawl on chilly days. Because it has a classy look and you can wear it with style. It means it won’t take any room in your luggage.

They dry quickly. It’s another and most vital benefit of Turkish cotton. It absorbs more water, dries more quickly than the other towels, and doesn’t breed harmful bacteria. So you can use it repeatedly without an unwanted smell. And also pack it easily for the next trip.

They can replace other items (sarong, pool bag, yoga mat). The elegant look, color, class, and softness of Turkish towels make your life easy so that you don’t need to carry an additional yoga mat. Bag, scarf, or shawl. Because a Turkish towel can easily be used as a bag by tying edges into the middle like hot dog style, if you carry important things like a passport camera, it will be a great way to use it at the beach. Sarong and yoga mats are also a way to use a Turkish towel at the beach. You can also use it as a head covering when you plan to visit a temple or mosque. So keeping the best travel towel with you makes your travel hassle-free.

Peace Of Mind. If you are hygiene conscious, you never have peace of mind if you forget to carry your towel along on the trip. Who knows if or what kind of towels you’ll be offered with your lodging? Was it cleaned or just left there after the last guest because it was still folded? Eww. Be sure your towel is your towel and no one else’s. 

Last note

When you plan a trip or look for something that has many functionality, versatility, class, and durability, Travel must have a Turkish towel. Find your favorite Turkish towel because these are highly versatile for Travel, beach, and bath. Turkish bath towels are also used in many ways, like scarves, sarongs, and shawls, as per your need.

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