A Guide To Preventing Travel Aches And Strains – Exercising While Abroad

Ways to ease your body pains while traveling

When you travel, there is the possibility of your body experiencing aches and pains for a number of reasons. 

With this guide, we will help you find ways to reduce these pains by introducing exercises into your daily routine as well as improving your diet. These additions will help you enjoy your trip to the fullest without worrying about your health and body suffering.

Things that can cause aches and pains during traveling

There are many causes of developing aches and strains while traveling. Some of these causes include experiencing jet lag, the stress of traveling, a lack of nutrition in your diet, and possible dehydration. 

There’s also the issue of worsening the pains that you may already experience, especially if you already have chronic pains and joint pains. These tend to become worse with the added stress that comes with traveling

Nutrition for the body

It’s important to eat well during your holiday and ensure that you get all your nutrition in, as there are foods that are able to reduce inflammation that you may experience. This is more important for people who suffer from chronic pain.

It can be difficult to do while you’re traveling, as there’s a lot of food that’s exciting to try. These new foods can cause heartburn due to spice and deep frying, people with sensitive stomachs tend to get stomachs when trying different cuisines, and an excess of coffee and alcohol can cause dehydration. There are also foods like beans and grains that cause gas – which can sometimes be painful and discomforting while traveling. 

You can try to mitigate the effects of those foods by opting for healthier foods when going out to eat and making healthier decisions when preparing your own meals.

Make sure that your diet consists of carbohydrates, proteins, fruits, and vegetables as well. This is not only healthy but supplies your body with everything you need to ease your joint pains and any other ailments. 

While you are traveling, it will be helpful to have healthy snacks on hand to keep your energy levels up during the day. Make sure that you include options like nuts and protein bars on hand, as they are a source of slow-releasing energy. 

Remember to also drink enough water so that you don’t become dehydrated. Proper hydration will help with inflammation in the body as well.

Practice yoga while traveling

Stretching will help your joints and reduce inflammation which is the cause of the pain that the body experiences. Yoga also helps release pain-reducing endorphins, so it’ll be a good idea to practice some yoga techniques while you’re traveling.


– Don’t be too hard on yourself as you are traveling, but it’s a good idea to keep to your goals and practice your yoga routine daily.

– As it’s difficult to join a class while traveling, you can opt to follow videos or books and have in place a small routine that’s easy enough to follow. You do not need to make the routine excessive, just enough for you to meet your goals.

– Make sure you have enough room where you’re staying and sim to practice your routines.

Exercises you can do:

Incorporating exercises into your travel routine, will help build your muscles, increase flexibility, and reduce fatigue. In addition to walking or jogging around the area that you’re staying at, you can incorporate some exercises into your daily routine.

Consider including planks, squats, and lunges into a brief exercise routine to follow that you can practice in your lodging. Keep your routines well-rounded with a focus on all areas of your body. 

Travel activities that double up as exercises

As mentioned previously, exercises help increase muscles and flexibility, so while you’re on your trip, there are adrenaline-pumping activities that you can include in your itinerary that can double up as an exercise.

– You consider hiking to local tourist hotspots. 

– Go on a local walking tour to sightsee the destinations at your stop. You can also get great pictures of the local sights.

– Alternatively, you can go for a biking tour.

– If it’s possible, check ahead to see if there are local yoga retreats in your destination and implement them in your travel plans. 

– Skiing is also a good option – depending on the destination.

– Swim, use a paddle boat or a kayak if you are vacationing by a lake or river. 

– If you are staying at a hotel, consider one that has a gym.


Travel is great for rest and relaxation, but sometimes aches and pains can take over. By ensuring that you include the right amount of nutrition in your diet, practice yoga routines, and get in a good amount of exercise so that you are able to minimize the risk of experiencing pain and reduce inflammation that causes chronic pain to manifest. 

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