Family fun in Mexico: three places not to be missed

Image by Gavin Seim from Pixabay

As a vibrant, bustling hub between the Americas, Mexico is a fascinating and exciting place to head on your next family adventure. With everything from ancient Mayan ruins to glistening beaches, lush jungles and colourful cities fragrant with authentic Mexican cuisine, there’s plenty to keep the entire family entertained.

But rather than heading to the busy, tourist-filled usuals locations such as Cancun and Cabo, why not explore a little off-the-beaten-path? To make sure you have the holiday of a lifetime, here are three places not to be missed in Mexico.


Photo by Jezael Melgoza on Unsplash

For a quiet seaside holiday that oozes tranquillity and authenticity, consider the sleepy fishing village of Zihuatanejo. This small spot of paradise is not overly populated, and its serene beaches and brightly coloured houses offer the perfect backdrop to fun-filled days in the sun.

Located on the Pacific coast of Guerrero, you’ll find untouched, white sandy beaches complete with transparent, tepid waters. The locals are friendly and welcoming, and with a quaint selection of beach-side cafes with covered patios, you can shelter the kids from the sun and enjoy some fresh, mouth-watering refreshments. When you’ve had enough of building sandcastles and snorkelling, you can also book a horse-riding adventure along the beach or hire a jet ski to have some fun in the waves if your children are old enough.

Pueblos Mancomunados

Photo by Abraham De La Cruz on Unsplash

If you have children who love nothing more than tumbling through the woods, climbing trees, building campfires and being at one with nature, then a trip to the Pueblos Mancomunados is for you. Known as the ‘united villages’, this region nestled away in the Sierra Norte mountains offers an incredible experience for any fun-loving family.

After watching the sun rise above the clouds, you’re ready to set off for an adventure. Hiking, bicycling or even horseback riding through the pine forests, you’ll discover hidden waterfalls, rocky viewpoints and perhaps even some bobcats and spider monkeys. At 3000ft altitude, be sure to keep an eye on the children for any signs of altitude sickness.


Image by Israel Trejo from Pixabay

If a city-break is more your family’s cup of tea, head to Merida. As the capital of the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, this picturesque city is a melting pot of history, architecture, culture and cuisine. With multiple Mayan sites and free, daily cultural activities filling the streets, the whole family is sure to learn a lot on this educational trip.

Traditional Mayan dances and performances make for perfect entertainment in the evening, and there’s an abundance of plazas and parks for the kids to blow off steam whilst you traverse the unique shops, stalls and churches throughout the day. Just outside Merida, there’s some of the best cenotes (swimming sinkholes), where you can enjoy a rejuvenating swim in azure waters under a rocky canopy.

Visit in the dry season

As you can see, there’s so much that you can see and do in the incredible country of Mexico as a family. Whichever type of holiday you’re seeking, you’re sure to find a wholesome and exciting experience here for all ages. For the best weather, visit Mexico in the dry season between December and April. With little rain and moderate temperatures of 25-30°C, it’s warm enough to enjoy this fun, tropical holiday without the little ones overheating.

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