Indulge in French Cuisine and the Beautiful Countryside

There are few countries as beautiful as France. Whether you are spending time in the city of Paris or out in the countryside of Colmar, the cuisine and the charm are bound to take your breath away at every glance. Whilst Paris is known for its stunning cobble streets, the charm of the French people and of course, the Eifelle Tower – there are actually many other places around France that are tucked away but just as endearing and offer great FranceComfort to visitors.

It is indeed an array of things that can take your breath away when it comes to France, which is exactly what this article aims to uncover.

The Cuisine of France

Oh la la! If you are set to visit the great country of France, be sure to pack your best taste buds as they are in for a treat. France is not known for the baguette simply because it is a French icon. The French baguette is something of complete wonder and a thing that cafés speak highly of from town to town. Each café has a little sticker outside their bakery outlining where they ranked in the national baguette competition. The ones with the biggest stickers obviously ranked higher than others and the bakery with the longest line is bound to bear a proud ‘1st place’ ribbon on its doors. The baguette is no joke and the perfect accompaniment to every meal. If you are in a town near the River Seine, then simply pop a baguette and a fresh block of cheese and you’re on your way. Or enjoy it in a typical French manner, with a block of chocolate inside.

The patisserie is also something of a wonder in France. Regardless of where you find yourself, you will always get a fresh ‘pain au chocolat’, a ‘tart citron’ and a ‘chocolat mousse’. Each will be precisely made and completed to the finest degree. The ‘pain au chocolat’ will have risen perfectly and have an ideal sheen, the ‘tart citron’ will be slightly acidic and sour but have a sweet aftertaste and the ‘mousse’ will be creamy and rich.

Furthermore, naturally the meats, fish and vegetables are something special, often cooked with gallons of butter and limited spices, to bring out the natural flavor of the food. The French are also not afraid of heat, so a hot skillet is what prepares all your meals.

The Beauty of the Countryside

A lot of time is spent focusing on the main cities of France like Paris or Marseille. But there are beautiful areas that are tucked away deep in the French countryside that boast the most glorious views and create more wonderful experiences. If you ever find yourself wanting to get out of the busy city or skip the city in general and head straight to the country, then you might want to look at renting a place in Beaune, Annecy, Loire Valley, Eze or you can look at holiday rentals in the south of France if that suits your fancy.

Each town is known for something different, from wine to cheese to milk. They’re usually all set on the typical rolling hills of France, with white or cobble brick houses and the typical orange roofs. The greenery surrounding the areas and the live animals make for a wholesome experience. If you can rent a car, you can ever get from small town to small town in a matter of hours. There are many charming guest houses you can stay at on your way. Just remember that the weather in France does get cold between the months of November – March and the countryside is naturally even colder than the cities as they do not experience the additional heat from public transport and the mass of people. The weather could affect your trip and where you decide to go, so be sure to bear this in mind.

All in all, the cuisine and lifestyle that you can experience in France, whether it is in the heart of a city or out in the countryside is something wonderful. Packed with a fresh baguette, something sweet for after and maybe a bottle of wine and you are set for a stunning French adventure.

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