Vacationing Without Worry: Preparing Your Garden for Time Away


Tending to a garden of your own is a beautiful feeling indeed. As the season of spring blossoms around, and the garden starts to bloom, it can be tough for you to tear away from it. But spring is also the perfect time to enjoy a worry free vacation. So, if you’re planning to enjoy a beautiful spring vacation in a destination of your choice, but are worried about your garden during your time away, here are some tips that can help you prepare your garden to keep growing in your absence.

5 Ways To Prepare Your Garden For Time Away

Ask A Friend For Help

The last thing you want, as you’re catching your early morning flight to Europe, is worrying about whether or not your plants will survive alone. To avoid such a situation, always enlist the help of a neighbor or friend who also has a green thumb. Someone who loves gardening can help your garden thrive in your absence. If you are relying on someone who’s a novice to the art of gardening, help make things easier for them by leaving notes, keeping all the equipment outside, and setting everything up for them before you leave.

Alternatively, if you fail to find someone around you for help, you can always ask online. Share your requirements online, either on craigslist, or facebook groups. Chances are, if you’re willing to pay a little, your garden will be taken care of better.

Set Up An Irrigation System

While a friend can take care of your plants if you’re gone for a few days, you may need something more for long periods of time. Instead of relying on someone to water your plants, invest in a sound irrigation system for the best results. Technology is your best friend when it comes to keeping your plants hydrated. By using a timer with your drip irrigation system, or combining it with a simple garden hose or sprinkler, you can ensure that your plants will get watered on time, everyday.

Alternatively, you can invest in technology less methods of watering your plants, if old-school gardening is more your thing, and you know the weather is preferable, that is, your plants won’t be exposed to high temperatures and too much sunlight. While an old, reliable plastic jug technique works quite well, you can also use a water bladder, or a kiddie pool for covering more area, and ensuring optimum water penetration into the garden, and plants. These tricks can also work pretty well for indoor plants.

Make Your Garden Pest Proof

Pests can eat away your garden in no time, especially if you also grow fruits and vegetables that are about to go ripe. To safeguard your garden from any attacks while you’re gone, lookout for any signs of pests early on and utilize appropriate pesticides, and fungicides for avoiding any pest infestation or rotting plants during your vacation.

To keep small animals such as rabbits, dogs, and cats away from your garden, you can also use animal repellent sprays. Make sure you spread a good amount before you leave, and ask the caretaker to spray it from time to time, in case of your extended absence.

Protect Your Lawn

The survival of your garden depends on how well you protect your lawn from external factors like heat, rain, pests, and other natural causes. To keep your garden lush, and green, you can install a shed atop your lawn area, with enough ventilation. Also, weeds can steal the water and nutrients from your plants, so remove any weed growing in your garden before you leave. For further protection, invest in a weed control fabric that’ll reduce weed growth in your garden while you’re on vacation, while enhancing healthy plant growth.

Deep Water Your Garden

Water is your plant’s best friend, and deep watering your garden a few days before your vacation can help your plants survive as you trek across Mount Kailash. The idea is to add enough water to the garden. So that during any unprecedented situation, your plants can survive with their own water content. To trap in moisture, use a thick layer of mulch, and keep them away from direct sunlight as much as possible.

Wrapping Up

Vacationing with garden tending is all about proactive planning and execution on your part. Whether you’re worried about the pests, the sun, trespassing, or just the season, by enlisting the help of friends and family, doing a little early preparation, and using technology to your advantage, you can make the most of your vacation, with a worry free attitude, while your garden stays healthy and growing!

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