Foto Friday: Michelangelo’s David

Foto Friday: Michelangelo's David

Every Friday I’ll be sharing a photo from someplace in my travels.

This week’s photo is of Michelangelo’s David in Florence.

I enjoy going to art museums, but I’ll admit that just like at any other museum, I get bored rather quickly. After taking numerous art history courses as part of my degree in university, I appreciate seeing the pieces I learned about in my textbooks in person. However, I still find that I only look at a piece for a minute or two before moving on. The one exception to this was Michelangelo’s David.

Maybe it’s just because the photographs in textbooks just don’t do it justice, but I don’t think any other piece of art has moved me quite like this masterpiece.

Florence, Italy - July 2014

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  • When I saw the David I was in awe. Didn’t care for the rest of the museum, but the David – wow oh wow!

    • Beth Williams says:

      Haha totally agree! We walked really quick through the rest of the museum but it was pretty small and unimpressive. David on the other hand… ;D

  • I am not a big fan of museums either. I also get bored.
    On top of that when I saw that piece I was 14 so I did not spend that much time looking at it. Maybe I should go back to Florence :-)

    • Beth Williams says:

      Yeah, most the things I saw were like, eh, cool, let’s move on. But there was something special about David. Maybe it’s because I didn’t expect him to be so huge!

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