#FindingAsia: Japan Crate Subscription Box

#FindingAsia: Japan Crate Subscription Box

Living under the rock that was Hong Kong, I honestly had no idea that subscription boxes were even a thing.

Paying someone a certain amount of money each month to receive some mystery box? Yeah, okay, I guess I get it. In fact, the more I let that concept sink in, the more I became a bit obsessed with the idea behind subscription boxes.

After searching online for hours, trying to find the one that was a perfect fit for me, I finally decided to try Japan Crate.


With promises of crazy Japanese candy being delivered to my door monthly, I knew this was the one. After living in Asia for so long, Japanese candy is something we really miss and don’t have easy access to now that we’re back in the US.

Japan Crate offers a variety of different subscription plans and three different types of boxes to choose from.

Mini comes with 4-6 candies at $12 per month
Original comes with 8-12 candies at $25 per month
Premium comes with 10-14 candies; including 2 DIY kits and one beverage at $30 per month

We received a premium crate for review purposes, but let’s be real, that’s exactly the one we would have ordered for ourselves anyways– and the one we’ll continue to subscribe to.

It took a few weeks to receive the crate in the mail and I was so excited when it finally arrived!

Opening it up, the first thing you’ll find is a creative little comic along with explanations of all the candy on the reverse side. Putting that aside, I decided to dive right in to see what we got first hand.



Sifting through the various goodies inside the crate, I was impressed with how many full-sized products we got. That was one thing we were really concerned about when picking out a subscription box, since it seemed to many boxes just throw in a few small, sample-sized candies and call it a day.

I’m happy to say, Japan Crate actually is a good value for the price.

It also had a really nice assortment of candies. Not too many chocolates or too many gummies– it was a good mixture.


Here’s a look at what we got inside:

Anpanman Pero Pero Lollipop, Meiji Strawberry Chocolate Umbrella, Look a la Mode Chocolates, Fujiya Milky, Fit’s Gum Peach Yogurt Flavor, Glico Matcha Collon, Country Ma’am Cookie, Super Mario Chocolate Pop, and a Calpico Giant Panda Ice Cream Cone.

Actually, all of these were full-sized products except for the Anpanman lollipop, Meiji umbrella and the Country Ma’am. Pretty awesome.

For more detail on what all these products exactly are, be sure to check out my video down below where I talk about each one. Since I won’t go into all of that here, I will say that my favorite out of everything was the Look chocolates.

They were something I had never seen before and were really interesting! The chocolate was divided into four different flavors: strawberry, banana, almond and caramel. Each flavor was really good on it’s own, but it was also fun to mix different flavor combinations. I know if I ever see this again I’ll be picking up a bar or two!

Then, since it was a premium kit, we also received two DIY kits and one drink:

DIY #1 — Takoyaki Gummy Kit

DIY #2 — Kabaya Panda Cookie Kit

Drink — Suntory C.C. Lemon



I honestly still haven’t done the DIY kits since I’ve been on the road so much, but once I do, I’ll be making a video of it to put down below. Needless to say I’m pretty excited because I love DIY and candy… and I’ve actually never done one of these kits before!

All in all, I highly recommend Japan Crate.

It was just so much fun being surprised with mystery candy. Like I said before, we did A LOT of research on various Japanese candy subscription boxes — because there are many — and in the end went with Japan Crate because we thought it was the best value for the price.

Come summer once I’m stationary for a bit, we’ll be subscribing to this box monthly!

Watch my full review on YouTube!


A huge thank you to Japan Crate for sending me their Premium Crate free of charge in order to do this review. Visit their site to see what subscription plan suits you best!


  1. June 29, 2015 / 2:33 am

    LOL, if you thought you were under a rock in HK you want to try the lack of choice here in Australia! The girls with a beauty bent are in a bit of luck as a few of those boxes have started up and seem to find a following but a Japan sweets box, I would be in heaven! I troll my various Asian grocers here in Brisbane and manage to scrape up the odd box of Pocky, Meiji chocolates or pre-packaged senbai but that’s as exotic as it gets. I can’t believe you have the choice of multiple boxes – so lucky! Please IG some, I need to live vicariously, my stash that comes home in my suitcase never lasts as long as I think it will :)

    • Beth Williams
      July 10, 2015 / 2:15 pm

      Really? I’m surprised subscription boxes aren’t catching on in Australia! Most of the US-based and UK-based ones do ship internationally (many of them have people on the ground in Japan/other Asian countries, so shipping to Oz may be no different than to the US!) ;)