Every Friday I’ll be sharing a photo from someplace in my travels.

This week’s photo is of a gentoo penguin in Hong Kong.

Today is World Penguin Day, and as Johnny’s favorite animal, I felt the need to pay tribute to these cute flightless birds. I honestly never gave much though to penguins before meeting Johnny, and I thought it was a funny choice for a favorite animal when he first told me. However, since moving to Asia, I have found that people here absolutely go crazy for penguins and it’s become a common answer to the question ‘what’s your favorite animal?’ for most of my friends and even students.

In the short time between my first visit to Hong Kong and the time we actually moved here, Ocean Park excited many residents by installing a penguin exhibit to their Polar Adventure zone. Since then, we can’t pay a visit to the park without stopping by to see our penguin friends. While we’ve seen plenty of penguins in zoos and aquariums across the world, and have even met a penguin during a private animal encounter, our next goal is to see one in the wild!

Hong Kong Ocean Park

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