Every Friday I’ll be sharing a photo from someplace in my travels.

This week’s photo is of outside my window in Hong Kong.

When I first visited Hong Kong, I was amazed by constantly seeing green mountains and blue seas every which way I looked. Coming from the Midwest, neither mountains nor ocean were things I were accustomed to, but I still enjoyed them and was so excited to be moving to a place that had both. However once I moved here, the scenery I encountered daily began to cross my mind less and less. It was only when we had friends come visit, that they’d remind us how great our view truly was, only for it to slip our minds soon again after. We really took it for granted, and some days never even bothered to open the curtains.

Today is one of the last days that I’ll ever see this view, looking out across the rooftops to the mountains nearby, and I want to appreciate it. We only have two days left in Hong Kong before we leave not knowing when we’ll next return. Today, the curtains will stay open.

Hong Kong

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