Every Friday I’ll be sharing a photo from someplace in my travels.

This week’s photo is of Wats in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

One of my absolute favorite things about traveling around Thailand is getting to explore all of the wats, or Thai temples. While they do happen to be all across the country, I feel there is no greater concentration of wats than in Chiang Mai. Hidden around almost every corner, Chiang Mai has over 300 of them scattered throughout the city. We spent a whole day exploring the wats located a kilometer from our hotel, each unique with its own colors and design, and easily could have spent longer.

Out of all that we explored, one stood out to me more than any. This silver-colored wat wasn’t very large, but it had colorful mosaic pieces making up its detail. As the sun began to set, they all glistened in the sunlight, lighting up the wat and commanding everyone’s attention. The Naga sculptures guarding the temple were some of my favorite that I had seen, making me love this temple even more.

Chiang Mai - Apr 2014

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