Tucson inspires a sense of freedom among all who visit. The freedom to discover & explore – the freedom to be yourself. Tucson is the go-to vacation destination for travelers looking for delicious food and outdoor activity. With Winter quickly approaching the Chicago-area, here is why I want to free myself in Tucson!

Hiking in the Desert

Tucson has some of the best hiking! One of the favorited spots seems to be Sabino Canyon. There are two ways you can see the canyon: trolley or walking. I recommend both! I would take the trolley as far as you can and then hike your way along the canyon back to the visitors’ center. Spectacular panoramas! Although the trolley goes back down, for the non-hikers and those with children.

Desert Fare

Tucson has surprisingly become a foodie destination over the past years touting great places to eat! 4th Avenue is a popular road with a large number of restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs. Take the historic 4th Avenue tram line, or simply stroll along this road, which is popular with university students, to get a good feel for the new foodie culture. This is a great time to grab lunch or a coffee in one of the many independent restaurants.

Wild Wild West

Head out to Old Tucson Studios, where you’ll feel as though you’ve transported through time. The Old Tucson Studios, just outside of town, are a must visit for all fans of old Wild West movies. They were the backdrop for the gun-slinging Old Western heroes such as John Wayne, Clint East Wood and Paul Newman. A visit to the studios is like a journey back in time, with many of the film sets still intact. There are also daily stunt shows and shootouts.

Why do you want to visit Tucson?

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