One of the quests of any traveller is to find ways to cut down the amount of money spent on airfares. Travelling by air has become one of the easiest and the most time-saving means to reach your destination. And therefore, you have no other choice than taking measures to spend less on airfares.

Here is a list of some tricks you can follow to buy tickets for your Pune to Hyderabad Flights at cheap price:

  1. Air tickets are very cheap when booked around 3 months to 3 weeks before a chosen travel date. The data from various analytics has also proved that fares tend to remain affordable up to 5 five weeks before the required travel date. In case of pre-planned travels like short tours to Hyderabad or to Pune, this measure proves to be highly efficient as you can avail a number of offers, discounts and vouchers on air tickets. Even though booking early is beneficial, booking too early is not always recommended. Usually, the fares hit the lowest price during the booking window between 29 – 58 days. During this time, 18% of the bookings are done.
  2. Travelling by air is becoming increasingly affordable day by day. Whenever you see the airfare price dropping, you should immediately book your Pune to Hyderabad Flights at cheap price and not wait for the fares to drop even further. This is a common mistake made by many travellers who end up paying a much high price for small domestic journeys.
  3. The worst time one can book an air ticket is a day before departure. One might think that airfares tend to fall down the day before departure if there are seats available. However, this is not always the case, as airfares can be expensive than usual a day before departure.
  4. It’s been seen that the ticket fares for Pune to Hyderabad drop to the lowest when booked 53 days or 67 days before departure.
  5. You must avoid booking air tickets on a Saturday, Sunday or any holidays because ticket fares are higher on these days.
  6. For frequent air travellers, the best ways to save money is to avail different membership offers. Members get vouchers booking air tickets, for which they get benefits during the next travel.
  7. One interesting trick to spend less on airfares for journeys from Pune to Hyderabad is booking on Wednesdays. However, nobody knows the reason behind this offer. The ticket fares are low probably because it’s mid of the week.
  8. A data collected by airfare search engine has suggested that most air tickets from Pune to Hyderabad are booked during the end of the year. This is because the end of the year is the holiday season, so naturally, most people book tickets during this time. This time is regarded as the worst period for buying air tickets as the tickets are relatively expensive.
  9. You should always remember to delete cookies and clear history before booking any domestic or international flight. Clearing off the cookies and instantly deleting the history can help you save money to some extent. You can also use the incognito mode.
  10. Refer to flight tracking sites as they indicate best travel times of the year, best offers that one can avail and the best aircrafts available.
  11. By choosing to pay through cash, you can avoid an additional service fee.

Since there is a vast influx of vacationers in Hyderabad throughout the year, booking cheap air tickets to Hyderabad can be challenging. However, if you follow the tricks mentioned above, you can avail great deals.

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