For most people going on a long trip is a relatively rare experience. They can typically only manage to take a couple of weeks at a time off work or away from their daily responsibilities. So, the first time they do get the chance to go away for more than a few weeks they are left scratching their head about what to take with them.

Fortunately, as you will see, packing for a long trip does not need to be any more complicated than it is when you go on a short vacation. Just follow my tips and you will be fine.

Pack good quality clothes

If you are going to be away for a couple of months, everything you take with you is going to be worn multiple times. Unless, you are a millionaire with an entourage, packing enough stuff so you have something new to wear every day is just not an option.

So, you need a really good swimsuit for travelling because if you try to wear a regular one, within a few weeks it will be baggy and saggy. The same applies to other items of clothing. Cheap fashion tops that are designed to be worn a few times then just thrown away are definitely not going to be suitable for a long trip.

Be prepared to wash as you go

When buying clothes choose items that are easy to wash out and get dry again. Avoid anything that has to be ironed. In theory, you can use laundry services. But, bear in mind that these are not always available and can be extremely expensive.

Good footwear is essential

The chances are you are going to be on your feet a lot. So, always pack good quality footwear for longer trips.

Invest in top-end luggage and travel insurance

Your luggage also needs to be good quality. This is especially the case if you are going to be travelling around a lot. Your luggage is going to get several years of typical use in just a few weeks.

This round the world baggage guide will help you to choose the right type and help you to buy the best insurance too. You will normally find that standard travel insurance will not be adequate for long-term travel.

Be ready for an emergency

Be ready for hiccups. They are going to happen on a long trip. Take more than one credit card with you and keep them apart. That way if you get robbed or lose your bag you will have another to fall back on.

Be prepared to treat cuts and things like an upset stomach. Also, pack your hand luggage, so you can cope with travel delays.

Pack enough medications

Do your best to take enough medications with you to cover your entire trip. But, be sure to check out the documentation you need for each of the countries you are planning to visit. Also, check whether there are any limits on what you can take with you and how much you can carry.

What’s in my suitcase?

When you are well-prepared, everything about travelling becomes a lot easier. I learned this the hard way. So, over the years, I have written several posts that are designed to help you to pack for your travels. If you are looking for that sort of advice, this is a good article to start with.

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