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Altair Theme - Altair WordPress Theme Download & Demo

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Have you been thinking about using Altair WordPress theme for your tour website or agency website? Or you just heard about Altair theme and you are after finding out some pillar reasons why you really need to use it for your tour website or that of your tour agency website? Regardless of your motives, you are in the right place! Read on to find everything you might want to know about Altair WordPress theme. With much said, let’s dive in.

Why Altair WordPress Theme? – Reasons why you need to use it

Well, the main business here is about the reasons why you need to use the Altair theme, right? To make it super brief, there are tons and tons of amazing reasons why you need to try out the Altair WordPress theme. Are you a tour enthusiast or you own a website that majorly deals with exotic holiday vacation destinations and even tourism and trips? If your answer is a yes, then you need to continue reading this article.

Do you know that Altair theme is listed among the top selling tour and travel agency themes? Many website owners and tour agencies highly depend on Altair WordPress theme.  There are a lot of secret reasons why this theme is being vouched for with so many people and agencies. You can prove this by reading reviews that are left by the customers when you check out their product page. We are going to discuss some of the reasons why many tour website owners and agencies prefer Altair.

3 Major Reasons why website owners and agencies prefer Altair theme

Here, we are going to list down the three reasons and go further by discussing more about these reasons. These reasons are not limited:

  •         Best Customer Support
  •         Documentation Quality
  •         Design Quality

Altair Theme - Altair WordPress Theme Download & Demo

More Details About Author

1. Best Customer Support

Everyone wants to feel cared for and valued, isn’t that so? If you want to know the true meaning of the phrase “customer is always the boss” then you need to try reaching out to the customer support team of Altair theme if you have any problem related to the Altair WordPress theme. They will treat your issue as an emergency and get back to you within a short time. You will just love how kind the customer support team is and how fast your problem is fixed. That’s a plus to hear right? Let’s see the next advantage.

2. Documentation Quality

Have you been battling a poor documentation in your current theme? If so, then you can fix that today by choosing the Altair theme.  Just as the phrase, “give credit where it’s due”, Altair theme customers cannot stop appreciating the team about the documentation quality. They are completely convinced that Altair is perfect and they have to vouch for it in terms of documentation quality.  You can try this out today and see for yourself.

3. Design Quality

Another area that has kept customers drooling over Altair theme is about the design quality. You can have a look at the whole theme and see for yourself. The images are more advanced and of the best quality. They are also neatly arranged and you can see how organized and classy Altair theme is. This theme is classy and unique. Many people will feel impressed when they open or even when they stumble on your website.

Other reasons why Altair WordPress is a big YES

The above mentioned and discussed reasons are some of the few reasons that most customers mentioned in their feedback. There are other reasons that you should also be aware of. These reasons are:

  •         Full Width and Fixed Layouts
  •         Unique Booking Form
  •         Exiting Images

1. Full Width and Fixed Layouts

If you choose to use the Altair theme, you will notice its 6 different tour content page templates. These templates support both the full width and fixed width layouts. Do you want to display your tour packages with a small detail or even in an extensive detail? These can be features or even tour programs. If your motive is exactly that then thank God since you are not left out. All your desires are fully catered for when you choose to use the Altair theme.

2. Unique Booking Form

One of the pillar parts of a travel agency website is the booking form, huh? Altair has all in place for this. You will love the amazing booking form that will be used by your website users to directly book their trips directly from your website.

3. Exiting Images

The images that are available in the Altair WordPress theme are of high quality and perfectly match the website’s use. Your users or even those who stumble on your website will feel the urge to visit places as the images trigger so many desires to go for a trip or even an exotic holiday destination. Users will feel that they are in the right place.

Features of the Altair WordPress Theme

Altair theme boasts of some advanced features that you need to know. These features include:

  •         Responsive design
  •         Instant AJAX search
  •         Off-canvas mobile navigation
  •         Tours with advanced search option
  •         Translation ready
  •         Built in many shortcodes
  •         Installable Google web fonts
  •         Searchable theme documentation
  •         Child theme
  •         Free updates and support
  •         300+ Ready to use Google web fonts

There are other several features that you will notice when you choose to use this theme. This article has not exhausted all the features available in the Altair theme. Download this theme today and try out other new features that are not mentioned.


From this article it’s evident that Altair WordPress theme has so much in stock for tour website owners or tour agency websites. Altair theme offers amazing features and even other aspects that make it to be listed among the top selling tour themes.  This article gives you a green light if you have been thinking of opting to use this theme. What are you waiting for? Download this theme today and get everything style and organized. There are lots to explore and enjoy. Good luck!

Altair Theme - Altair WordPress Theme Download & Demo

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