Zone Theme – Tours & Travel Responsive WordPress Theme

Zone Theme - Tours & Travel Responsive WordPress Theme

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WordPress helps create various websites to meet the demands of different markets. Each layout complements a certain type of content. They tend to have endless customization options. It’s the intuitive websites that receive the most attention. The Zone Theme is one of them. It caters to companies who focus on tourist services.

It sports a simple design that appeals to most users. The layout is responsive and easy to navigate. It’s built with a defined style that suits any travel-related business. Most WordPress themes use a plethora of colors and flashy animations. This is more simple. It doesn’t compromise usability.

The Zone Tour WordPress Theme comes with five design templates. Each has a unique design and uses a combination of complementary colors. Adding your touch and finalizing the website is easy too. There are predefined templates to help you. You can also use the video parallax effect to enhance the design.

Let’s check out the other standout factors!

Layout of Zone Tour & Travel WordPress Theme

A website’s layout plays a vital role in user engagement. It helps find compatible browsers and devices. It’s crucial to pay attention to this as it examines whether a theme is responsive to your screen. The Zone Tour Theme resizes according to your browser screen. Here are some attractive templates to look at.

This template supports multiple features including reviews, maps, and even an image gallery. It’s a great way to display tour plans. Using a combination of photos and videos will catch the interest of your customers. You can also display destination places with texts and images.

The website has ten demo layouts already. If you’re reluctant to customize your own, any one of these would do. There are four predefined colors too. It only takes a click to import any of this content. You can also find posts, sliders, widgets, and other features too.

The Zone Tour Theme also has two menu layouts. They can be customized to your desired menu but the result will always be polished! The blog is the most flexible platform on a website. This theme comes with three templates that can be used to display various content.

Zone Theme - Tours & Travel Responsive WordPress Theme

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Top Features of Zone Theme

WordPress powers a large number of websites on the internet. Its popularity is increasing every day and for good reason. It makes use of simple and complex features to develop great platforms. These websites are functional, fun, and stylish too! Let’s see which features make the Zone Tour Theme exceptionally good.

1. Search Engine Optimization

This theme uses a semantic HTML code and CSS. This helps search engine crawlers to find and to index your website. It helps you stay at the top of the charts with the right keywords.

2. Optimizes your Website for Mobile Compatibility

There’s another reason why your website will be more visible on Google’s search results. The theme optimizes your website to properly display your content on handheld devices. Google’s algorithm places websites with mobile compatibility at a higher spot.

3. Powerful Customization

The theme has a flexible framework. This helps you customize various tours and destination options. You can change the Google Maps color schemes too. All the fonts are crisp and clear. They actually help load your website faster. You can create your custom page with the help of the existing Shortcodes.

4. Strong Translation Support

The theme comes with .mo and .po language files. It’s compatible with the WPML plugin too. This helps you translate your website to multiple languages. This is a plus when you’re aiming to reach a larger target audience.

5. Professional Sidebars

You can devise your sidebars without manipulating the codes. The best part is you can adapt them to match individuals pages. So each can sport a unique design.

Zone Theme - Tours & Travel Responsive WordPress Theme

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Tips to Build Your Website with Zone WordPress Theme

The theme is extremely responsive and customizable. This is why it’s so fun to work with. It allows you to add and manage content with ease. You can instantly see the changes you made with the content builder. That’s not all. You can create multiple layouts of a single page influencing the theme code!

Managing your content is easy. There are some tricks you can utilize though. Let’s see how you can make the most of your website.

1. Background and Colors

Applying images and patterns to your background takes a minute! Incorporating multiple colors takes a little more effort. You can set different colors to the main content, text, and even the buttons.

The top bar, side menu, and search input backgrounds can be changed too. If you already have a design in mind, the Zone Tour Theme takes around ten minutes to set up. Fix the appearance of all the elements with the color picker.

2. Optimization and Plugins

You already know that the Zone Tour Theme utilizes HTML code and CSS to rank high in search results. It also uses Woocommerce Ready in case you want to incorporate e-commerce into your website. This plugin is a popular choice among users.

Visual Composer is another standout. Use it to finalize the background and add all the extensions you need. The Revolution Slider helps create eye-catchy, dynamic content too. All of these extensions are perfectly compatible with the Zone Theme!


There are so many ways to elevate your travel website with the Zone Tour Theme. You don’t have to worry about copyrights either. Just enter your copyright text and select the desired content. Assimilating your tour guides or blog profiles doesn’t take much effort either. Adjust the pricing currency and customize accordingly.

You can also display your products using the Shop feature. If you want to highlight the travel packages your company specializes in, this is the way to go. On top of that, there are several widgets to pick from! They help boosts your brand unlike anything else.

Invest in the Zone Tour Theme and help your audience reach their desired tourist spots!

Zone Theme - Tours & Travel Responsive WordPress Theme

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