5 Most Cheap villa in Maldives

What makes your trip more enjoyable is the vast number of villas over water, adding a dash that adds excitement to a serene and peaceful Maldives holiday. Travelers with good taste have many options with regard to these remote islands, which have a total of 1,200! 

They are composed of sandbanks and coral reefs; the isles appear to be expanding because more land is being reclaimed from the ocean. New islands are formed by dumping white sand onto shallow reefs.

5 Most Cheap villa in Maldives

Here are some budget Maldives Water villa mentioned in this post.

Sun Siyam Olhuveli

It spans three islands, and only 45 minutes away by speedboat, Sun Siyam Olhuveli provides accommodation ranging from Maldivian-style suites to stylish contemporary villas. It is designed to accommodate your every need.
The all-inclusive resort features three pools to select from, among them an adult-only infinity pool that is guaranteed to impress, as well as the lagoon that could lure guests to go on a journey. With various activities, stunning beaches, and excellent food, Olhuveli Beach & Spa Resort is an excellent value for money in the Maldives.
The 164 rooms vary from basic beach houses to the most luxurious Water Villas and an adjacent room for families. There are two types of Water Villas within the lagoon and more costly rooms the further away they are away from the busy center on the island. In addition, there are five Honeymoon water villas.
The remaining oval-shaped quay comprises 32 Water Villas with a Jacuzzi. The shape is that of petals The second jetty with water bungalows extends from the center of the island until sunrise and comprises 21 luxurious Water Villas.

Cinnamon Hakuraa Huraa Maldives

The resort has 70 villas with water and only ten island suites available, and the Cinnamon Hakuraa Huraa resort is one of the private island resorts with a good value. The all-inclusive package is among the most affordable Maldives accommodations.
Still, the restaurant and other amenities have received a lot of positive ratings from the guests who stay there, particularly for the Maldives most affordable all-inclusive.
The snorkeling and diving close to the resort are highly rated, and there are two boat excursions per day that are free that take you to the best places in addition.
With the affordable room rates, the rooms are spacious, and all have the classic glass floor that allows you to view the sea right from the water of your villa.
There is also the convenience of a minibar, a deck, and steps leading to the sea below, making it easy to swim and snorkel.

Paradise Island Resort Water Villas

5 Most Cheap villa in Maldives

Within Paradise Island Resort, you have four different water villas in the Maldives to select from. Some have a Jacuzzi, while others have private pools. There’s even an ocean suite with two bedrooms that are perfect for families.
The cheapest option is a semi-detached water house with an extra deck and direct pool access. The water villas in Paradise offer a luxurious experience that is real Maldives water villa experiences. The rooms are contemporary and spacious, with a stunning view of the water from the bedroom.
The wood finish gives the room an authentic-chic look while inviting. It is among the top water villas in the Maldives for those looking to spend a small amount without sacrificing the quality.
The Maldives water villa is $640.00 in a night for a two-bedroom with breakfast during the low season from May through October. Of course, rates increase in the peak seasons, much like the Sun Island water villas in the Maldives. The resort can also be reached by speedboat. This is always a benefit when looking for affordable Water villas to rent in the Maldives.

Hard Rock Hotel Maldives

This resort checks all the right boxes for the ideal Maldivian holiday with a white-sand beachfront, blue seas, and palms that sway. The resort is all-inclusive and has the beach and overwater villas, with an outdoor pool and a pantry.
You’ll be spoilt for options when it comes to complimentary meals and beverages in this location. While here, you can enjoy guided snorkeling around the reef, which is awash with marine life. The resort gives you divers with all-access to diving possibilities. There is also the option of spa treatments that overlook the stunning beauty the Maldives offers.

Angsana Velavaru

From the sky from the air, Angsana Velavaru resort looks a little skeletal, with large overwater villas jutting out of wooden walkways that rise from the turquoise waters that flow through the South Nilandhe Atoll.
When you’re close enough, you’ll be able to be amazed by the stunning beauty both on the outside and inside these five-star luxury overwater bungalows. If you’re looking for a view, pick an evening or sunrise view.
You won’t be disappointed with either. Each one was built to maximize the beautiful surroundings, meaning you’ll have the chance to see the dazzling kaleidoscope from the comfort of your bed, whether at the beginning of your day hours or in the evening.

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