How To Buy A Faux Fur Throw Blanket?

There are some beautiful faux fur throw blankets on the market, and it’s possible to find them at great prices if you know where to look. But faux fur throw blankets are not like regular blankets, so you will need to do some research and make sure you choose the right blanket for your home before you buy it. Here are some tips on how to buy a faux fur throw blanket that will make your house feel cozier while saving you money at the same time.

How To Buy A Faux Fur Throw Blanket?

What is faux fur?

A faux fur throw blanket is made from polyester or acrylic and looks similar to actual fur. However, faux fur blankets are man-made, so they’re cruelty-free. A faux fur throw blanket is perfect for layering in your living room over other blankets or adding some texture and comfort underneath your legs while sitting on the couch. It’s also easy to care for, although you might want to store it out of direct sunlight and away from pets if you have them.

The three different types of faux fur

The first thing you need to know when buying faux fur blanket is that there are three different types of faux fur: acrylic, polyester and viscose. Each one is unique in its own way, so you’ll need to figure out which one is right for you. Acrylic is easy to clean and looks great, but it doesn’t stand up well in high temperatures. Polyester has great longevity; it holds its shape better than acrylic and has a glossy finish. Viscose is soft and cozy, but not as durable as polyester. If you want something that will last a long time, choose polyester faux fur throw blankets. If you want something soft and warm with an elegant look, go with acrylic faux fur throw blankets. And if your main concern is price, then viscose faux fur throw blankets are likely your best bet.

Fabric details

How To Buy A Faux Fur Throw Blanket?

Make sure you’re looking for faux fur blankets, not just regular blankets. Faux fur throw blankets should be made of 100% polyester or acrylic; they are softer and more luxurious than other types of blankets. Many faux fur throw blankets come in duvet-style shells that include one large piece of faux fur fabric with decorative stitching around its edges. This makes it easy to put together a bed ensemble or even create an entire look for your living room, dining room, or bedroom.

Price points

Depending on how much you’re willing to spend, there are different options out there for faux fur blankets. You’ll find faux fur blankets as low as $20 and as high as $300 or more, so you have options when it comes to where your money is going. Be sure that whatever you buy will last for years; faux fur can get ruined if it’s exposed too long or too often in places with high humidity levels.

Where can you get it?

Faux fur blankets are typically found in home decor stores. From there, you can ask if they have any that can be returned or would be willing to make one for you. Otherwise, shops like Ikea often carry these blankets for under $100 and it’s simple enough to return them when you’re done. Another option is buying from a company like Amazon who has an abundance of faux fur throw blanket options available online. You can find some of your own here on Amazon .

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