Furry Companions on Vacation: Making It Happen

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Vacations become extra fun if pets join you. However, before you pile Fido’s squeaky toys into the car, there are some pointers to note before he comes along for the big adventure. Taking in suggestions and following these tips can make your pet into the greatest travel buddy you have ever had. Buckle up and explore the world with your furry pal by your side.

The Benefits of Traveling with Your Dog

Wagging tails and wet noses can add so much excitement to any trip. Driving open roads or canoeing in the woods with your beloved dog can bring you closer together. Embracing these magical moments can be such a gift.

According to Woof Whiskers, dogs make the perfect travel companions because they provide endless entertainment and a sense of security. Indeed, sharing snacks with your pet while sitting shotgun in the car can be the funniest part of having a driving buddy.

Choosing the Right Dog for Travel

Not all dogs have to have that curiosity for travel burning in them. While some puppies will simply have fun in the wilderness, others will keep themselves cozy at home. When deciding which canine companions are perfect for adventures, consider factors like energy level, temperament, and size.

High-energy breeds like Labradors and German Shepherds often make excellent travel buddies, as they can keep up with the excitement and physical demands of exploring new places. Smaller dogs, such as Cavalier King Charles Spaniels or Pugs, can also be great travel companions, especially for city breaks or shorter road trips.

On the other hand, some dogs may need more attention to cope with constant upheaval and unfamiliar environments. If your pup is particularly anxious or doesn’t handle change well, leave it in the capable hands of a pet sitter or trusted friend.

Preparation Tips 

Once you’ve determined that your furry friend is up for the adventure, it’s time to start preparing for your trip. First, ensure you have all the necessary supplies packed and ready. This includes:

  • A sturdy, comfortable crate or carrier for safe transportation
  • Plenty of fresh water and collapsible bowls
  • Enough food for the duration of your trip (plus a little extra, just in case)
  • Waste bags and a mini shovel for those inevitable pit stops
  • Medications and a first-aid kit
  • Treats and toys for entertainment 

Ensure that your dog is well-trained for traveling. This involves teaching your dog simple commands like sit or stay. Practice crate training ahead of time if you will be using one during the trip. Take things a step further and invest in a dog seatbelt or car hammock to keep your pet safe and sound in the car.

Make advance arrangements to stay in accommodations that welcome pets. Several accommodations offer the perfect place for pets to join their owners. Research pet hotel policies and availability before you make the reservations.

Photo by Adriyko Podilnyk from Unsplash


Nothing feels better than the relationship between humans and their four-legged friends, especially when both are out conquering new territories. Though a pet may require additional time and effort to plan the trip, the memories and experiences you’ll relish every time you think about it will compensate more for those doggy treats. So, prepare the travel food bowls and go on that road trip with your pup!

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