Afew weeks ago, Audrey of That Backpacker wrote an article about something that really hit home for me– being a lazy traveler.

She complained how she had been living in Chaing Mai, Thailand for almost a whole month, yet she had barely gone to explore past her apartment. This lazy traveler syndrome seems to affect a lot of travelers who stay in one place for a while, myself included.

Hong Kong

The view from our apartment is great, but that’s not a good excuse to never leave it.

In an attempt to force herself to explore her surroundings before it’s too late, she outlined a list of things she’s planning to do during her remaining time in Chiang Mai.

I, too, had a list of things I wanted to see and do when I first visited Hong Kong. That list was only around 10-20 things at the time, almost all of which I quickly checked off. Once we up and moved to Hong Kong, I mentally continued to add more and more to that list of things to do. But… instead of getting out and checking them off my list, I fell into the trap of being a lazy traveler.

I kept telling myself that I would have all year to see and do these things, but now the year has passed and I’m not that much closer to completing it. So I decided I would post my list here in order to motivate myself to finally get out and explore all the nooks and crannies of Hong Kong– because before I know it, my time here will be up.

Below I’ve included my original list with the addition of 30 or so more things that I’ve added throughout the year, and I’ll be crossing them off as I complete them! No more lazy travel syndrome for me, I’m kicking my lazy traveler habits once and for all.

55 Things I Plan to See & Do in Hong Kong:

1. Climb up to Big Buddha

2. Go to Hong Kong Disneyland

3. Go up to the Sky100 observation deck

4. Take the tram up to the Peak

5. Visit Ocean Park

6. Walk the 1,000 Buddha Path

7. Visit Noah’s Ark Theme Park

8. See Man Mo Temple

9. Walk along Avenue of Stars

10. Ride Star Ferry across the harbor

11. Watch a Symphony of Lights

12. Go pink dolphin watching

13. Walk Nan Lian Garden

14. Explore the fishing village of Tai O

15. Ride a ding ding

16. Ride in a sampan

17. Take part in ‘Winterfest’

18. Party in LKF

19. Ride the Mid-Level escalators

20. Eat at Jumbo floating restaurant

21. Take a Geopark tour

22. Eat at a stall-style dai pai dong

23. Go squid fishing

24. Charter a junk

25. Shop at the various street markets

26. Eat street food

27. Climb to the actual peak of Hong Kong Island

28. Trek ‘Dragon’s Back’

29. Ride the ding ding from start to finish

30. Visit the observation floor in IFC

31. Visit all museums

32. Ride on Duk Ling or Aqua Luna

33. Visit Lamma Island

34. Have a Chinese-style BBQ

35. Eat a Buddhist meal prepared by a monk

36. Stay in the Disneyland Hotel

37. Visit Kowloon Walled City Park

38. Attend the Cheung Chau Bun Festival

39. Watch fireworks over Victoria Harbour

40. Take a helicopter ride over Hong Kong

41. Visit Stanley

42. Watch dragon boat races

43. Hike ‘Monkey Mountain’

44. Take part in a protest

45. See the Golden Bauhinia

46. Go sea kayaking in Sai Kung

47. Bet on a horse race at Happy Valley

48. Visit the zoological gardens

49. Relax at Shek O beach

50. Sip on high tea at The Peninsula

51. Visit Aqua– or any bar overlooking the skyline

52. Go up to Bank of China observation center

53. Visit Kat Hing Wai Walled Village

54. See a Hakka Village

55. Ride the Ngong Ping cable car

Have you ever been victim to lazy traveler syndrome? Or have any other HK places to add to my list? Tell me below!

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