Japanese Table Lamps – Japanese Style Table Lamps

Japanese table lamps are simple yet beautiful decorative pieces that brighten your home with the right amount of glow. They are made in traditional or modern Japanese style. They create an ambience of Asian grace and beauty in any space they in.

Some of these lamps are constructed using genuine rice-paper or some other soft materials that allows a soft warm glow to permeate through them into your home. These materials are framed up usually by a wooden frame which gives the lamp a sturdy structure.

There are so many varieties in designs and structures but all carry the accent, beauty, and style of the Japanese culture. If you desire to add a stunning, bright, and beautiful Japanese table lamp to your home, then you are on the right site. Our product review and buying are designed to assist you to choose the best one for your home.

Best Japanese Table Lamps - Japanese Style Table Lamps Review

Best Japanese Table Lamps with Reviews

Oriental Furniture 22′ Blue Cherry Blossom Japanese Table lamp

Best Japanese Table Lamps - Japanese Style Table Lamps Review

Just as the name implies the design of the Oriental Furniture 22′ Blue Cherry Blossom Japanese Table lamp is Japanese inspired. It has a regal gorgeous looking blue glaze. It also comes in a built-in base made of wood and a lovely fabric shade.

This lamp makes use of medium size bulb of 60 Watt but it doesn’t come with the package. This porcelain Japanese table lamp has delicate and beautiful Japanese Cherry Blossom decorations on it and an abundance of cobalt glaze decorations too. This gives it an enchanting look.

The lamp’s floral design is first hand sculpted and then glazed in pastel blues that are subtle and white. Then it is placed against a dark, rich ultramarine background, and this makes the floral design to vividly stand out.

It brings color into any room and it brings out the already present hues. Having this very lovely lamp in your room is a stylish chic addition to your room’s decor.


  • Has a beautiful and stylish floral design
  • Can be used with a 60 Watt medium bulb
  • Has a good fabric shade material


  • Sometimes improperly assembled


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Oriental Furniture Hayashi Japanese Table Lamp

Best Japanese Table Lamps - Japanese Style Table Lamps Review

The Oriental Furniture Hayashi Japanese Table Lamp is a rustic, tall bamboo Japanese table lamp. It has a dark-colored Klin-dried lacquered bamboo wood frame which is handcrafted; it is also durable and lightweight.

The lamp gives soft lighting because the lampshade is made from rice paper that is fiber-reinforced. It diffuses light perfectly, and the light is warm and inviting. It also gives a lovely bright presence. The wiring, wheel switch, and bulb socket is UI approved. It has a simple process of assembling.

On every side of the fiber-reinforced shade is a lovely natural and matching twig embellishment. This rice paper lamp provides a more ambient and gentler lighting solution that is perfect for office and home needs.

It can be used individually, or paired, or as a nightstand. It can as well be used as a shelving unit or console table. It has the touch of both nature and the Far East infused into a decorative piece. It makes use of an American standard light bulb.


  • It has lightweight but it is also durable
  • It is simple to assembly
  • Gives a lovely soft lighting


  • Some have questionable quality


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Oriental Furniture 30″ Glazed Sakura Blossom Vase Japanese table lamp

Best Japanese Table Lamps - Japanese Style Table Lamps Review

The golden-colored Oriental Furniture 30″ Glazed Sakura Blossom Vase Japanese table lamp is a classy beautiful piece. Its shade is 16″ dia. And it has a 30″ height. This oriental classic lamp has hand-painted blossoms, red glossy lacquer, and a shade that is sateen bell.

Its switch, power cord, and wiring are UI approved. Its light bulb is a standard American light bulb either fluorescent or incandescent. It is a Ming era high shouldered vase lamp which has a dark red-like background and an intricate gold floral design, and a luster gloss finish.

The sateen shade is bell-shaped and off-white. Also has a rosewood square base and a decorative finial. The design of the lamp and its shape gives it a classy and elegant look. They fit perfectly in a bedroom with an orient theme decor.

The lamp can be easily assembled, and the quality is high and impeccable. It is also well crafted and its material is porcelain.


  • It has a high quality
  • It can be easily assembled
  • It is elegant, charming and beautiful


  • Some bulb holders come canted and this makes the light not stand straight


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ZEEFO Bedside Japanese table lamp

Best Japanese Table Lamps - Japanese Style Table Lamps Review

If you’re looking for a simple but elegant designed table lamp, the ZEEFO bedside Japanese table lamp is a very good choice. The fabric shade is cylinder and it has a black base. It is easy to install and use. It gives your home a lovely decoration and it’s a good gift item for your loved ones.

This bedside table lamp uses E26 bulb which gives a warm Brightness. The package includes two bulbs that are 5W 3000K. The soft warm lighting makes the lamp perfect for offices, living rooms, study rooms, guest rooms, bedrooms, and anywhere in your home.

The plug, socket, and cord are all American Standard. The style is traditional, modern, contemporary, and classic. It has a sturdy structure and it brings a warm and peaceful night.

The item weighs 2.68 pounds, and its dimension is 4.9 by 4.9 by 11.6 inches. Its portable size and the warmth of its light makes it a very good choice for a table lamp to be used in any room or space


  • High standard and reliable quality
  • It is sturdy
  • They are affordable


  • It comes in a set of two, so you can’t purchase one at a time, you must buy the two


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Adesso 4045-01 Stix 24.5 Japanese table lamp

Best Japanese Table Lamps - Japanese Style Table Lamps Review

Adesso 4045-01 Stix 24.5 Japanese table lamp has a gorgeous aesthetic that enlivens any room. This towering fixture has a lantern frame that is black metal and modern with slender, sleek lines.

The Stix has a black metal tower twisting frame and on the side of every corner, a thin cane rod connects the bottom and the top of the frame. Black thin cane small sticks are woven and stacked on each of the ends to the thin cane rods. This makes it look like a twisted stick tower.

A beige paper shade that looks like fabric is placed behind the lamp’s rods and it diffuses the light gently. This gives you sufficient brightness that is needed to illuminate a hallway, dark corner, or any living space.

It has very small ball-style feet that prevent scratching and damages to tiles, wood, carpeting, and any other flooring surface. It is available as a floor lantern, floor lamp, and table lantern.


  • It has a lightweight
  • Its structure is unique and modern
  • Gives a soft but bright glow to a place.


  • Most of the light comes from the top of the lamp, not the sides


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Japanese Table Lamp Buying Guide

In this buying guide is all the information you need about Japanese table lamps. This will help you as you choose the appropriate one for you that suits your taste and needs

Types of Japanese table lamp

On the basis of the types of bulbs used with Japanese table lamps, these lamps can be divided into five types.

Halogen Japanese table lamp

This kind of lamp is perfect for someone that does a lot of reading. They give a natural bright light that allows you to easily focus on the text. The brightness of this white light reduces eye strain. It lasts for around 2 to 3 times much longer than your regular bulb.

Incandescent lamp

This lamp produces light using the heat coming from the burning filament inside the lamp’s bulb. This lamp gives a warm slight yellowish glow. It works excellently as a source of light for evening time. The bulb doesn’t last long and it’s cheaper than other lamp types.

Full-Spectrum lamp

This lamp makes it possible for people to see color in detail. They give colors an exceptional look because the light from the lamp conceals the electromagnetic spectrum and makes it near ultraviolet. This is the effect the light of the sun has on the earth. This light increases visual sharpness and brightness.

Fluorescent lamp

It is easy to find one that fits your decor because this lamp is produced in various styles and shapes. They give you a lovely even natural light coverage everywhere in your space. Fluorescent table lamps are very efficient, they can last eleven times longer than your traditional bulbs.

LED table lamp

The advantage of using LED light is that they give off less amount of heat than every other light listed above. They have many various unique designs; they are also modern and sleek looking. They give just one beam of light that is concentrated in one direction instead of spreading light in different directions. You can use this lamp type to concentrate light on your work-place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions frequently asked by people about Japanese table lamps which can answer some of the questions you might have about this product.

How do I choose the best bulb type for a Japanese table lamp?

Different types of lights have specific effects on the atmosphere of a room and the look of the people in the room. For example, fluorescent makes people seem wash out or sick. The wrong kind of light will make your space or home look washed out or bland.

The 2700K is usually chosen by homeowners because it is warm and it gives your room/home a lovely yellow cast. You can also go for 3000k, it’s close to having a natural lighting that is white; this will highlight the colors of your room. The 4000K and beyond types are cool and blueish, these ones are very good for modern stylish rooms, which are painted whites and blues.

Where do I put my Japanese table lamp?

To know the right Japanese table lamp that suits your space, you must first determine where the lamp will be placed. Determine the height that the lamp would sit. If you desire to use the lamp as a bedside lighting, you need to measure the distance of the bed from the lamp. If you desire to use it as a living room lamp, measure the distance between where the lamp will be and the nearest couch or chair.

How do I choose the appropriate size of a Japanese table lamp?

The type of height you will choose will be determined by the location you intend to put the lamp in and the decor of the room where the lamp will be. A tall bedside table fits a short lamp visually while a short bedside table fits a tall lamp. Generally, go for a lamp that won’t make you frown any time you are seating or resting exactly beside it.


The beauty, warm, and cool ambience of the Japanese table lamp works well with any decor style. Though they are all Japanese inspired designs they come in various lovely and stunning designs and you have a wide range to choose from.

If you need a lovely and simple lamp to give your home or anywhere in your home a cozy feeling, then consider getting a Japanese table lamp. These lamps also serve as an element of decoration in your home or space. With the information in this product review and buying guide, you should be able to choose one for your home or space.

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