The Renowned Lakeside Ayana is The Best Spa in Bali

Who does not dream of being massaged, and nurtured towards a holistic healing experience at a peaceful, serene place at the edge of the ocean while on their holiday?

Thoughtfully designed and renowned for its ancient healing remedies and relaxing massage, Ayana is considered the best spa in Bali if you crave for a true escape and healing treatment  from the hustles of life.

Spa Treatments

The Ayana Spa has top-notch treatment rooms and trained spa attendants.

Some of the world class treatments that will help you relax and kick-start a healthy life are:

Ayana’s De-stress Treatment

The Ayana spa retreat is located along the ocean making it a perfect place to unwind from daily tensions and stress.

The process of de-stress starts with relaxing oil, therapeutic deep tissue massage and a perfect deep scalp massage. From my experience, this is just the best antidote so far in Bali to rejuvenate your mind and body.

Detox Body Treatment

One of my experiences that made me realize Ayana as the best spa in Bali was after undergoing a body detox treatment.

My skin and body needed a break from the unending air toxins and pollution.

The detox body treatment showcases exotic ingredients of Bali’s island lifestyle. The body exfoliation gives you a sense of well-being throughout the gentle detoxification process.

Some of the detox spa treatments at Ayana include:

§  Ayurverdic treatments

§  Colonic hydrotherapy

§  Massage

§  Lymphatic drainage

§  Yoga


My experience at Bali’s best spa was awesome after achieving long-lasting results smooth skin after getting tired of thinking about hair removal. I swapped shaving for waxing. Waxing makes you feel and look great.


At first, the idea of going to the spa made me nervous due to the finer points of spa etiquette. The biggest concern was taking clothes off for the massage. However, I learned that the best spa in Bali had strict protocols for draping while on massage. Trust me, a 40 minutes aromatic petal massage and signature facial give you a natural touch. The massage is inspired by the holistic beauty and wellness of the spa.

Signature treatments

Lava stone reflexology

The lave stone reflexology treatment starts with a ceremonial footbath, skin brushing and an energizing leg massage with special customized lava stones to release the tension and work on the essential energy points on the body. After this, the soothing massage of the scalp takes away all your tension around the body.

  Seven Chakra Dhara

This one-of-a-kind treatment is what makes Ayana the best spa in Bali, and is a must do! It is drawn from the massage traditions of Ayurveda mixed with synergistic blends to relax the muscles and renew the spirit. The treatment experience leaves you in a perfectly optimum well-being state.

Ayana Prana

Ayana’s herbal blend of healing gingers is designed to release seated tensions from deep tissues and energize the entire body. Steamed herbal pouches have herbal blend of three healing gingers well known for rejuvenating properties. They are used to relax the tight muscles. The final bit of the process, gentle stretching techniques is the most interesting because you can feel all the pain and deep seated tensions disappear from your muscle tissues.

Ocean Front Fitness and Wellness Center

The spa is outfitted with the latest cardiovascular and strength equipment. The health and wellness coach teaches yoga at the spa. The entire process promotes blood circulation, digestion and detoxification processes leading to a healthier life.

Final Thought

If you are hoping to acquire wellness, shed off stress or kick-start a healthier lifestyle, Ayana Spa and Resort is the right place for you. As a place of relaxation, and tranquility Ayana is considered the best spa in Bali, and a comprehensive destination for rejuvenation.  Ayana Spa has a water view that no other Spa in Bali truly claims. Apart from the world class, signature spa treatments that are thoughtfully designed to bring harmony the time on the lake and complete spa treatments make you feel relaxed.

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