Flying With Body Armor- Facts Every Traveler Should Know

As violent incidents grow in numbers, personal safety becomes a prime concern for everyone. It comes as no surprise that a growing number of civilians in the country are investing in body armor such as a level 4 body armor plate to stay safe from stray bullets. If you own it, you will probably want to carry it along while traveling. Before you embark, you must know about the permissibility of a ballistic vest on a plane because some regulations apply. Let us explain the facts every traveler should know.

Flying With Body Armor- Facts Every Traveler Should Know

Traveling with ballistic protection

Ballistic protection may be as essential as anything else you pack for a trip in some situations. For example, you may be traveling to a dangerous destination where riots and violence are common occurrences. Some people work in inherently risky professions, such as journalists, private detectives, and undercover agents. It makes sense to invest in protection and carry it anywhere you go. Even before you plan a trip, you can pick a bullet proof vest by if you don’t have one. It is a wise investment, considering it can be a lifesaver in a tactical situation. Since body armor is legal for civilians in the US (as long as you aren’t a convicted felon), don’t hesitate to buy it for staying safe.

Bringing body armor onto a plane

You can carry body armor inside your checked baggage or even have it in your carry-on bag. As long as it is inside a suitcase, you will not get into trouble. However, a TSA officer may still stop you from going through the checkpoint if you have one, as they have the final decision. You may expect them to confiscate the vest even if you pack it inside your checked baggage. Things can get even more complicated if you are taking an international flight. Regulations and laws regarding the legality for civilians and travelers vary from country to country. You must research ones for your destination before flying there, or you may end up in a problem when you land.

Flying With Body Armor- Facts Every Traveler Should Know

Wearing body armor onto a plane

While you may probably make it through the security checks with a bulletproof vest in your baggage, you cannot wear one on a plane or at the airport. The law doesn’t allow it because it can trigger panic among other passengers during flights. Ensure that you follow this rule so that you do not get into trouble with the authorities. Once you land and are out of the airport, you can wear it legally. International travelers can do it if the law of the country allows them.

Packing a ballistic vest before you go

Apart from the legal aspects of traveling with a bulletproof vest, you must also know how to pack it right. It is best to check the body armor before you pack it. You can read this article to understand all about assessing its condition and understanding whether it will offer the protection you expect. Never carry a worn-out vest because it will only be an extra load. Do not fold or twist it when you pack it in your suitcase.

Traveling with a bulletproof vest shouldn’t be a problem if you are following the rules. But you can still expect a TSA officer to apprehend you if you are carrying one because it is a matter of discretion for them. It is important to be aware and prepared with the right information.

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