Ways to Scratch the Travel Itch Without Traveling

It has been so long since all of us, common adventurers, were able to travel. With the global pandemic and closed borders, traveling to most of the countries was possible, but complicated. After not being able to travel for such a prolonged period, we bet you’re feeling post-travel blues just like many of us.

Ways to Scratch the Travel Itch Without Traveling

But what if we told you that there are ways to scratch the travel itch without traveling? Take note of these steps, to make your urge to travel lessened.

Read the travel books

Instead of spending plenty of time on social media, fulfill your time with something valuable and helpful, such as reading travel books. By using your imaginativeness, you’ll certainly feel as if you’re someplace else.

Bring a touch of visited countries to your home

You can create a depiction of all those places you visited, by simply exhibiting some kind of objects, like decorations, ornaments, or souvenirs that you bought from somewhere.

For instance, let’s say you have visited Bali before and it remains a pleasant memory.

Traditional decorations in Bali are hand-carved animal skulls, so consider getting one of those and displaying them at your place, with the intent that every time you look at it you’ll be reliving good times spent there, in a way.

To learn more about those unique decorations, take a look at the Skull Bliss website.

Watch the travel movies, shows, and vlogs

Travel movies & shows are another excellent way to satisfy your unsettledness and even relive some great memories that you had when traveling.

Additionally, by watching vlogs (video blogs) you get to learn something new and you’ll most certainly get some inspiration for your future journeys.

Plan and save for the next trip

There’s no better time than now, to start planning your next adventure.

A good strategy is to make a list of destinations that you would like to visit and then research all about them and plan all your pursuits and tours.

You’ll need all the money for your next adventures, so a good tactic is to start saving slowly but surely, and by the time this awful pandemic ends you’ll be able to visit all those places you’ve dreamed of.

Ways to Scratch the Travel Itch Without Traveling

Connect with other travelers

There are many online communities for travel enthusiasts, from Facebook groups to forums.

You can join them and be engaged in discussions since you’ll get to participate in exchanging ideas, guidance, and anecdotes with the people you have something in common.

Explore From Your Home

With most of us stuck in our homes, many people choose to use VR sets to virtually explore their favorite places from the comfort of their homes.

Nowadays, VR sets are getting more affordable than ever, so consider purchasing one as it will allow you to explore various locations around the globe, from cities to sightseeing attractions.

You should know, however, that not all places are available in VR, so do some research first.

Read Travel Blogs

Reading a travel blog is mutually beneficial when you look at it. 

By simply visiting the travel blogs, you are supporting the travel bloggers that depend on the number of visits to their blogs.

In turn, you get to read so much valuable information, from insider tips to recommendations and stories.

Honorable Mentions

There are many other things to scratch the travel itch that didn’t make it to our list, such as:

  • Cooking the exotic cuisine
  • Organizing The Travel Videos and Pictures
  • Exercising and being active
  • Learning a new language
  • Upgrading the travel gear
  • Exploring places near you

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