13 Things to Look for Before Getting an Accommodation in Scottsdale

If you are planning a trip to Scottsdale, whether traveling solo or in a group, the first thing that would come to your mind is – how are you supposed to find good accommodation in this city of Arizona? Worry not, because this is the question of every visitor.

13 Things to Look for Before Getting an Accommodation in Scottsdale


This is why we have sorted out a list of things to look for before getting accommodation here. But before that, the most basic tip would be to do a good amount of research and compare multiple places before choosing the right place for yourself or your group. 

Let us move on to the 13 tips we have listed here.

Compare the prices

Budgeting is one of the most important parts of planning a trip. This is why you must surely have a budget for the accommodation as well. While going through the different sites, make sure you check the price and affordability. 

It is also to be kept in mind that just because the cost will be less, it does not mean they will not be well maintained. There may be many places that can fit your budget while also providing all the amenities you are looking for. So look for those and compare the cost of the different accommodations before you book a place.

Check the rental cancellation policy

Rental cancellation policies and terms are discussed between the tenant and the vacation property owner before the booking is finalized. This is because the pre-paid rent for the house may be non-refundable. That is why it is important to go through the policy and discuss the clause before you book. 

Strict rental cancellation policies also decide the owners’ income beforehand, so if you do not have any issues with the price, you can move forward with the booking. This is especially important to keep in mind if you are looking for a vacation rental property instead of a hotel. In hotels, you do have 24-hour cancellation if you still have not paid the bill. 

Check the reviews

This is a common mistake that most visitors make before booking a hotel or getting any accommodation. Reviews give you a basic idea of what the place is like, from people who have lived there before you. It is a precautionary measure that lets you know what to look forward to during your stay at the place you booked. 

It is true that not every experience will be the same, and that there may be things that you may find difficult to deal with but the others will not have any problem with – but checking the reviews is better than blindly going for an accommodation.

Free breakfast offer

If the overall price and affordability of the accommodation go beyond your budget, you can always look for places with free breakfast options. Many hotels provide free breakfast and are also affordable. 

It is a wiser option to select a hotel that has free breakfast, as it will save you money to spend more on the trip than the hotel food. So check places that offer this type of facility, and go for it if you feel like you should.

Check for free airport shuttle

Airport shuttles are mostly free of cost or have a much lower price than private transit. This is one best alternative to any other means of transportation you may take to reach your destination. In airport shuttles, you will get your own seat, and it usually remains empty compared to other mediums. 

You will not have to worry about finding a taxi to your place of staying or getting lost because you are not aware of the directions. Airport shuttles will take you to your place without any hassle. 

This is why look at hotels that have this service. You will surely find a suitable place that provides a free ride via the airport shuttle. Even while returning, you can take the shuttle and reach the airport on time. This way you will not even be late for your flight.

Vacation rental location

A location on any trip is a crucial thing to consider. Whether it’s private property or a hotel, check the location. A good location will give you easy access to all the main attractions and hang-out places. Moreover, having a location near the airport also has an advantage. You will be able to reach the airport fast if you are staying nearby. 

Airport shuttles are also available to help you commute. You should also check the surrounding areas and how safe and commercial they are. Having markets is beneficial to go shopping. So do not jump to booking the cheapest accommodation available. The security of the place is also to be kept in mind.

13 Things to Look for Before Getting an Accommodation in Scottsdale

Vacation rental policies

If you are traveling in a group or with your family, you probably thought of renting a house or property to spend your vacation by living there. And that may offer a luxury you will not get by staying at a hotel. 

Moreover, staying at a rental gives us privacy that we sometimes crave. But it is to be kept in mind that booking or renting a place has different formalities than booking a room in the hotel. 

For these houses, we have a separate vacation rental policy or short-term rental agreement between the tenant and the owner of the property that includes clauses and regulations. It is a policy that seals off the mutually agreed responsibilities and other rights of the two parties. 

Carefully write down your needs and what you expect from the property owner in return. They will do the same. This reduces the risk of things going wrong or getting scammed since a legal document will back you.

A/C availability

Arizona is a hot place, as it is in the south. So automatically, Scottsdale will have a higher temperature as well. This is why check for a/c availability at the hotels. They may cost a bit more, but having an a/c is important if you plan on spending time there during the summer. 

You may think that an a/c is bound to be available in all the hotels, but that is not the case. Many hotels do not have the financial means to get them, and many do not think it is necessary. So look if the place has a/c rooms or not. This is especially important if you cannot live without an a/c.

Free Wi-Fi or paid

Internet is important. Sometimes the network will not be good at the location you are going to, so having Wi-Fi at the place you have checked in can be beneficial. This way, you can stay connected to your family and peers back home. You can even work while traveling as you will have the accessibility to a good internet connection. 

But not all places have a strong connection. So check out the reviews or ask at the reception or the property owner if you are renting a private property about the Wi-Fi beforehand. Also, some places may have a free connection. Take advantage of that perk.

Indoor pool system

A good swim is always appreciated, especially in a place like Scottsdale. Regardless of the weather, swimming is both relaxing and a fun activity to participate in. 

Check out if the place you are thinking of staying has an indoor pool system or not. Some places may also host or have special pool events that can be a part of the trip and something you can look forward to.

Parking costs

If you are traveling on the road, you are arriving in a vehicle of your own. Check for the parking prices and other formalities regarding the parking before checking in. 

Many hotels may not even have a parking lot, so look for a place that offers parking spots and the cost according to the number of days you will be staying.

Additional amenities

Look whether the hotel allows things like a pet or has any additional offers that you may be looking for. Some people also desire a gym to get a quick workout in between the trip. Some look for specific events the hotel may host. 

Some would like a restaurant in the hotel. Things like these differ from hotel to hotel. Check whether the hotel has any additional facilities you would like on your trip and if they come within your budget. Then book accordingly.

Any hidden costs

Taxes and other extra costs may be hidden in the hotel booking or rental pricing. Check for them before booking. If you are booking online, some sites may demand extra money for no reason, which can lead to a loss for you. 

Do not fall for such scams. That is why do thorough research and book if you are sure the place is void of any hidden cost that can pop up unexpectedly.

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