How to Prepare Your Pets for Their First Private Jet Flight

If you are a pet owner, avoiding or delaying your travel plans to another country or faraway city is something that you will find yourself often doing because of difficulties finding a sitter you can trust.

Although taking your dog or cat to a pet hotel is an option, it can be an expensive solution, especially if your vacation stretches over a month or so.

How to Prepare Your Pets for Their First Private Jet Flight

Leaving your pet behind, though, is not your only option when you want to go on a vacation that requires air travel. Since your dog or cat is part of your family, they should be part of your travels, too.

Bringing your pet with you on your vacations can also give you peace of mind and a better experience since you won’t have to worry about the furry friend you left behind.

Traveling With Pets

Taking your pet with you on your vacation, though, still comes with a few hassles, particularly if traveling on a commercial plane. You’ll have to prepare well for the journey. Moreover, you’ll have to worry about your four-legged friend being stuck in the cargo area.

These are problems you won’t have to deal with when you travel by private jet charter.

Going on a private jet flight allows you and everyone in your group, including your pet, to experience a more convenient, comfortable, and even luxurious journey. Your dog or cat can stay with you in the cabin, giving everybody a calmer, more pleasant experience. If you are looking at traveling frequently with your pet, you may wish to compare the cost of fractional jet ownership with on-demand private jet charter and see which works out better financially for you.

Ensuring a Stress-Free Private Jet Flight With Your Pet

Although chartering a private jet for your flight can already give you, your group, and your pet a comfortable and convenient travel experience, you still have to take a few steps to ensure you have a smooth, hassle-free journey.

Below is a handy guide you can follow for preparing pets for their first chartered flight:

1. Read the flight rules and regulations beforehand.

Commercial and charter airlines have some basic requirements for air travel with pets: they should be at least eight weeks old, completely weaned, and in good health and shape.

Know the rules regarding your pet’s size and weight as well. There may be different policies regarding when and how they must be secured based on their weight, breed or size.

Also, your pet needs a valid health certificate and a document showing proof of rabies immunization, which you will likely present to the air charter company and at the airports.

If you are traveling to another country, you may also need to present additional paperwork and healthcare requirements. Get in touch with the foreign office of the country where you are traveling to or visit their website to get these details.

Lastly, ask your air charter service provider for a list of their rules and regulations about bringing pets since they may also impose some specific rules or guidelines.

2. Bring your pet to the vet.

Two weeks before your trip, bring your pet to the vet. Ask the vet to give your dog or cat a checkup and get a health certificate as well as a document stating that their vaccination is up-to-date.

Also, since this is your pet’s first flight, ask your vet for tips that can help your furry companion feel comfortable throughout the journey.

Additionally, ask your veterinarian for their recommendations regarding the use of medications and supplements and the amount of food and water you should give your pet based on their age, weight, and health condition.

Doing so ensures you can keep your pet healthy and comfortable during and after the flight.

3. Share key details about your pet with the air charter service provider.

When speaking with your private aviation provider about your upcoming flight, make sure you disclose all pertinent information about your pet.

Air charter companies want to give the best experience to all their passengers, including your four-legged companion. They can only do this when they have the information they need about your pet.

With the required pet data, the air charter service provider can match you with the right jet to accommodate your group and your furry friend, assign a pet-friendly crew, and even prepare special toys and treats for your pet.

Keep in mind that the earlier you book your flight and the more information you give your provider, the more they can do to make your pet feel comfortable and safe during the flight.

4. Help your pet acclimate to its carrier.

If you want to use a pet carrier, help your furry friend get used to staying inside it by doing trial runs days or weeks before your flight.

Leave the carrier open in a room and let your four-legged companion sniff and stay inside it when they want to.

Once your pet starts staying inside the carrier longer, let them sleep and eat their meals inside it.

These trial runs can help your pet get used to staying inside the carrier for long periods and reduce their stress during their flight.

Acclimating your pet to their carrier also lets you know if it’s too small for them. If it is, you need to get a new one since a cramped crate can stress them out and make staying inside it uncomfortable.

How to Prepare Your Pets for Their First Private Jet Flight

5. Pack your pet’s favorite toys and treats.

Your four-legged companion will likely get bored or restless during the flight, particularly if it is a long one. Keep them entertained by bringing their favorite toys and treats.

Pack your pet’s favorite chew toys and stuffed animals. Give these items to your furry friend when they become restless or bored.

Don’t forget to bring your pet’s favorite blanket. It just might be the item they need to feel comfortable and happy throughout the flight.

Make sure you also bring your pet’s kibbles or treats and give these to them from time to time to calm their anxiety about flying.

Don’t forget to bring the other pet essentials you need to keep your furry friend safe and entertained during your vacation.

6. Plan for your pet’s bathroom breaks and meals.

If you have a long flight, make sure you are prepared for your pet’s mealtimes and potty breaks.

Aside from your furry friend’s snacks or treats, pack their food or enough of their kibbles so that they can have proper meals during the flight. Bring their food and water bowls as well.

Make sure you bring enough of their pet food for the duration of your vacation to avoid running out and experiencing the difficulty of finding the same product in your destination.

Also, bring some puppy pads or potty mats for your pet. Trash bags, paper towels, and wet wipes are also handy supplies.

Without a doubt, private air charters can make trips easier for pets and their owners. If you have other tips for flying with your furry friends, share them below.

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