4 International Chains to Try out on Your Travels

When you travel to different countries, it’s very likely that you’ll encounter food that’s different than you’re used to. However, one thing that you might be interested in doing is trying out some international chain restaurants. These restaurants often have different items in every country to cater to the unique tastes of the country they’re in. Here are four international chain restaurants to try out when you travel.

4 International Chains to Try out on Your Travels


McDonald’s is the largest global fast food chain in the world, and it’s got quite the array of international options. With nearly 20,000 international locations, McDonald’s makes it easy for you to find them in many countries internationally. Plus, the menu is known for being very different depending on where you are in the world, so there are many different regional variations on the classic McDonald’s experience.


KFC has a number of international locations, but it’s especially widely-loved in China. If you ever take a trip to East Asia, especially China, you may want to stop by a KFC. KFC has its own regional flair in China, and while there’s certainly much to be said about the incredible delicacies of the Chinese local cuisine, Chinese people enjoy fast food just as much as Americans, and KFC is just one of the ways they indulge that craving.


Subway is one of the most unique international fast food chains out there. The company specializes in sandwiches, which you might not think is especially unique, but as a matter of fact, there are nearly endless ways to make a sandwich more “regional.” Although many of the international options might not seem interesting to an American palate, they’re definitely worth the experience if you want to try and get them at an international chain, if only to see how the country experiences their Subway.

Pizza Hut

Pizza is another seemingly very American staple that a company can actually tailor to different locations. If you’re interested in seeing how people all around the world enjoy pizza, you might want to pay a visit to a Pizza Hut, which has over 5,000 international stores and is able to create unique international styles for its international locations. If you’re interested in getting one of the most American foods at an international location, just pay a visit to the local Pizza Hut. You may even be able to find a Pizza Hut coupon for a better deal.

Trying Both New and Comforting Things

When you travel, it can be nice to enjoy both brand-new things and things that are close to home. Trying out brand-new things is one of the most fun parts of traveling, but it can be nice to see some of the things that are similar to the things you have at home. If you’re interested in getting both new and comforting things in your next trip, you might want to seek out and try some of the regional differences in these chain restaurants. 

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