5 Perfect Reasons to Visit Brighton This Weekend

Located 50 miles from London, Brighton is a truly welcoming city in the UK. It’s the largest British seaside resort that took its place on the shores of the famous English Channel in East Sussex. 

Here you can spend all day long basking in the hot sun and wandering through countless shops. Also, Brighton is rich in cultural, architectural, and natural sights you’ll be happy to explore. 

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If you’re still hesitant to go to Brighton or not, check out some great reasons to visit this wonderful southern destination!

Hit the Beach

The weather in Brighton is perfect for a seaside holiday. Therefore, visiting local beaches is the first reason to go to Brighton. At high tide, Brighton’s beaches are completely pebbly. At the same time, low tides expose the sandy coastline, thus attracting crowds of vacationers. However, even during the hottest summer days, you won’t spend much time in the water, as its temperature usually doesn’t exceed 17˚C. 

Yes, the water in the English Channel can seem cold for swimming even in summer, and the most you can do here is take a walk along the seashore or play ball on the beach. If you are going to Brighton Beach, keep in mind that the warmest month is August and the coldest is January. December is the wettest, while July is the driest month of the year on the local coast.

Immerse yourself in childhood 

Whether you’re traveling with or without kids, don’t miss visiting the Brighton Toy and Model Museum. The museum’s 4,000 square meters of exhibition space reveal the essence of toys in all their manifestations. 

The museum will allow you to go back in time when the favorite pastimes of children were not transformer robots or the Play Station, but airplane models and railways. The scale of the exhibitions is amazing because the museum gives you access to more than 10,000 toys and models from different times and countries. 

The real pride of the museum is a priceless collection of model trains and railway models, some of which date back to the 19th century. For boys and their dads, such an abundance of rail structures, trains, and planes will seem like a real fairy tale. However, girls will also find something to see – cute plush toys, wooden dolls, and the first Barbie dolls adorn the museum shelves. 

If you are looking for a place to have fun and indulge in the most pleasant memories, be sure to look into this island of childhood.

Admire the beauty of nature 

Located just north of Brighton, Devil’s Dyke Valley is a strikingly beautiful natural setting with a magnificent view of the English fields. As an untouched corner of nature, the valley will become one of the most memorable places for you due to the stunning scenery around. 

The valley was naturally formed about 10,000 years ago during the last ice age. However, there’s another version of the formation of this unique place. According to legend, the Devil himself dug a deep ditch here to flood the nearby village. But the Lord of Hell was frightened by the old woman when she lit a candle in the dark. The villain fled, and his plans were not destined to come true. 

So, few people know the true origin of this valley, but its natural beauty will amaze you to the core.

Take part in the festival 

Music and dance fans won’t be bored in Brighton either. In spring and summer, the southern capital of England is full of rhythmic sounds that fill the surrounding area with an atmosphere of fun. The festival season opens with the world-famous Brighton Festival, which for 3 weeks in May pleases locals and tourists with all kinds of performances from jazz concerts to stand-up shows. This international event invites representatives from all over the world to participate. 

Then in July, the city hosts the colorful Brighton Carnival, accompanied by a masquerade, loud music, and, of course, dancing until the early hours. Outdoor enthusiasts should definitely visit Paddle Round the Pier – a festival of beach, water, and urban sports with lots of entertainment. At the same time, August will give you bright emotions from the three-day Brighton Racing Festival taking place at the city hippodrome.

Explore architectural masterpieces 

This is probably not what you planned to do in England’s greatest beach resort. However, why not? One of the very first iconic places you should visit is the Royal Pavilion. This beautiful palace was once the seaside residence of British kings. 

Another worthwhile attraction is St Bartholomew’s Church. This is not just a building, but one of the highest churches in Europe. It has a unique atmosphere of tranquility and allows you to forget about all the problems if you visit it. 

Chapel Royal Brighton is also among the significant architectural masterpieces of the city. It’s an oasis of peace in the bustling center of Brighton.

So, are these reasons enough for you to go to Brighton? If not, don’t despair as you’ll find plenty of other fun things to do once you get to this amazing seaside resort!

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