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Paying a Visit to Che Kung Miu Temple for Chec Hao

The fun first two days of Chinese New Year has since come and gone. All the parades are over, the fireworks and firecrackers extinguished, and the lunar fairs closed. The third day, in my opinion, is probably the least fun day of all– but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still things to do! Known as “chec hao”, this day is considered a likely […]

Sun Nin Fai Lok! Happy Chinese New Year!

It’s here! At last! All the preparations are finally complete and now Chinese New Year is here! The first day of Chinese New Year started out with visiting family. On the way to the bus stop, our neighborhood seemed like a ghost town. Everywhere was closed for the holiday with fai chun and red signs stating when they’d reopen. […]

A Golden Chinese New Year Celebration at Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland is currently celebrating their “Golden Chinese New Year Celebration” representing prosperity and good fortune for the year ahead.  Although this year was lacking a parade filled with lions and an overall snake theme– there were still plenty of lucky red and gold decorations around the park. While there is so much to […]

Top 10 Spots to Watch Fireworks in Hong Kong

With China having invented fireworks, you can be sure Hong Kong has some of the best! And while the Chinese New Year fireworks in Hong Kong will be nothing short of spectacular, for those of you planning to try to watch the fireworks this year, there are a few things you should know. Although this will be […]

Countdown to Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in Hong Kong. And with the official celebration kicking off tomorrow, today has been quite the busy day for many as they prepare for this important event. That’s right– before you can receive your lai see, watch fancy parades and throw oranges into ancient trees, there is a lot of preparing that […]