A New Way to Travel With Yonderbound

A New Way to Travel With Yonderbound

You might find this hard to believe, but I’m a pretty indecisive person.

I’m one of those people that’ll sit there arguing back and forth for thirty minutes over what I eat for dinner…I dunno, what do you want?

It gets even worse when it comes to actually making a decision about booking travel. As much as I love researching and planning trips, there’s something that always freaks me out about hitting the ‘purchase’ button.

Before I even get to that point, I spend hours going back and forth between booking sites and Tripadvisor, fretting over if I’m making the right hotel choice. Why do reviews only give it 2 stars lately? What if the hotel isn’t as convenient as I think? What if there’s cockroaches? What if; what if; what if.

Luckily, my travel planning stresses are about to disappear thanks to Yonderbound.


Sure, it looks basically like all other booking sites– but when you dig a little deeper, you’ll see that it’s so much better.

People create what are called Yonderboxes. These little boxes kind of reminded me of those personal lists you can make on Foursquare, filled with all of your top recommendations.

Yonderboxes can be related to particular cities, regions, or simply an overarching theme like Best Over Water Villas in the World.


You could even use them as a way to bookmark hotels you’re thinking of staying at as you research. When I’m looking for something really specific in a hotel, I like to break mine into categories of first choice, second choice, etc., so that everything is nice and organized.

They’re super easy to make, and actually look pretty nice when finished. Here you can see some Yonderboxes I’ve made so far for Hong Kong and Chicago.

Then after your trip, if you want, you can add little notes and tips to all of your saved hotels. Which, why would you do this? To help others of course!

You see, if someone sees your recommendations and then books their own hotel because of it, you get 70% of the revenue to use on future bookings. Yes– 70%!! And, you do not have to be a travel blogger to do this. It’s open to absolutely everyone.

So just by sharing your recommendations, you could actually fund your own travels.

Pretty sweet, right?


The other reason I am absolutely digging Yonderbound so far is because of their overall UI.

Gone are the days of painstakingly going back and forth between booking sites and Tripadvisor– why?? Because Yonderbound has Tripadvisor built into their interface!

When you search for a hotel you’ll see each property’s TA rating right in the search results. Then, if you were to actually click on a property listing you’d be able to read all the TA reviews in addition to getting necessary hotel details and photos.


Also, those prices they’ve listed? Yeah, those include all taxes and fees. This makes me super happy because most booking sites like to lure you in with cheap-looking prices only to spring all that fun stuff on you later.

The user interface also makes it really easy to add custom search filters, so if budget is an issue you can filter by price (or rating or location or whatever is most important to you). I also love that they include a freebies section, which will only bring up hotels with things like free wifi or free breakfast– two things I absolutely look for whenever I’m booking.

Talk about convenient.

Yonderbound basically does all of the work for me.

The only thing I wish Yonderbound had was a way to search for hotels without listing dates.

Yes, I know, booking sites don’t want to get your hopes up by showing you properties that aren’t actually available. But it would be nice to see an overview with all of their listing with general prices (again, I know the rates may change during high seasons). I typically like to plan my destinations and hotels first– and then I later find a range of dates to make it happen!

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Have you tried Yonderbound? Would you like to?

If so, go ahead and sign up here to start funding your own travels!

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  • Kiwi says:

    Im like you travel to me isnt as easy as just pushing the purchasin button. To book my flight to LA and get a hotel it literally took me 2 1/2 hours until I found the hotel I wanted based on price but I still wanted a nice 3-4 star hotel. I probably went through like 5 or 6 diffrent sites balancing out reviews as it does play a major factor if I will go or not. I like Yonnderbound concept and 70% off your next trip?? Amazing I am gonna try it!

    • Beth Williams says:

      Yeah, I take forever to plan trips because I’m so picky! Always looking for the perfect deal without having to stay in a dingy place. I def recommend trying out Yonderbound!

  • Wow! I have never heard of Yonderbound before! This sounds awesome. I too go back and forth when I am trying to make travel plans so this would be a really useful too for us. Thanks so much!

  • Jeanine says:

    Wow this looks very handy! I haven’t heard of this until now. I wish I travelled or even got out more, something like this would be amazing to use! I am having on a 2 day trip next week and I used a booking service online and it was smooth and easy, so this would be fabulous for something bigger and better!

    • Beth Williams says:

      Even two-day trips are a great start! I believe there’s a travel lifestyle available to everyone! Even if it just means exploring more of your own city or nearby places :) I hope you had a great trip! <3

  • Ha! I get that same feeling when booking travel. I have this momentary panic that I am booking the wrong dates to the wrong place, and have to go over everything before completing a travel purchase. I also spend hours scouring different travel sites for the best deals. That’s really cool that they collaborate with TripAdvisor because I just started really using that site to investigate hotels. Love this concept!

  • Stephanie C. says:

    What a great way to book travel. I, too, dislike having to go back and forth between different sites to coordinate and find the best deals/reviews, etc. This sounds like it’s all in one and makes booking travel easier! I’m all for that!

  • I have not heard of Younderbound before!! I love to travel and it sounds like a great a way to plan trips! I love to be able to make bookmark multiple choices and keep track of them.

  • Natalie says:

    I have never heard of YounderBound, but I’m always looking for new sites for traveling. I want to travel to at least once place this summer, while I’m kidless, gotta enjoy the time while I can. I just threw in some cities and there were some really great prices. Bookmarked it, pretty excited!

  • Amanda says:

    Wow, this looks like a really great service to use when planning trips. I always struggle with committing to a certain location or hotel based on Internet reviews…this would definitely help me out and make sure my hubby doesn’t get stuck making the final decisions. Happy and safe travels!

    • Beth Williams says:

      Thanks Amanda! Yeah, I love that everything is laid out for you and you can read real reviews on site.

  • That’s one great advantage these days, we have so many resources to use when finding deals for traveling purposes. Have never heard of Yonderbound but glad you shared it here. That’s also nice that you can make money along the way, you can save and earn at the same time!

  • Andrea Johnson says:

    Dang! Those are some really cheap prices! I would just like to thank you for this post! It’s awesome!

  • My wife and I go back and forth over where we are going to eat all the time. It seems like neither of us ever really know what we want. Finding hotels when we travel kind of stresses me out too. I will be checking out Yonderbound for sure!

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