Finding accommodation in Japan can be tricky, and at Tokyo Disney Resort it’s no exception. There is an almost overwhelming amount of hotels affiliated with the resort, all at varying price points and advertising different benefits.

Hotels fill up very quickly at Tokyo Disney, so it’s best to make reservations at least 2-3 months in advanced to avoid disappointment. Here is an overview of all your hotel options to help make planning your dream Tokyo Disney vacation a little easier.

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Disney Hotels at Tokyo Disney Resort

Don’t let the Disney magic end when you return to your hotel at night. By staying in one of three Disney hotels right on park property, you’ll continue to enjoy the “Disney Touch”, while being entitled to a list of benefits exclusive to hotel guests.

Each hotel, although pricey, is worth it for any true Disney fan.

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

Tokyo Disney

The Tokyo Disneyland Hotel is located on the Disneyland half of the park, right outside the Tokyo Disneyland Station on the monorail.

This hotel opened in 2008, making it the newest hotel at Tokyo Disney Resort. It is designed in a 20th Century Victorian style, which is similar to many other Disney hotels worldwide.

Inside the hotel there are over 700 Disney-themed rooms, 3 restaurants, and an official gift shop. Outside you’ll find four themed gardens and a Peter Pan-themed swimming pool. With glistening chandeliers, elegant ballrooms for weddings and events, this is the epitome of Disney Hotels, and the price certainly shows it.

Cost: ¥41,000 ($418 USD) and up per room.

Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta

Tokyo DisneyTokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta is, as you can guess, on the DisneySea half of the resort, and is of the same class as Tokyo Disneyland Hotel.

It is the only hotel in the world to be actually inside of a Disney park, offering guests unique views into the park from their rooms. To go along with the various “ports of call” inside DisneySea, it is themed after Venice, Italy.

Cost: ¥40,000 ($407 USD) and up per room.

Disney Ambassador Hotel

The third hotel is the Disney Ambassador Hotel, located in between DisneySea and Disneyland. It is conveniently near Ikspiari and the monorail, making it easy to get to all sections of the park quickly.

Built it Art Deco style, unlike the other two hotels, this hotel is a bit more budget-friendly.

Cost: ¥35,000 ($357 USD) and up per room.

Disney Hotel Benefits

Here are just a few of the main benefits to staying in a Disney Hotel at Tokyo Disney Resort:

  • Entry to the parks is guaranteed even on peak or restricted admission days.
  • Enter the parks 15 minutes earlier than everyone else.
  • Free monorail and shuttle bus service.
  • Guests have direct access to the parks through a special entrance gate (except at Disney Ambassador Hotel).
  • Guests who arrive before check-in at 3pm can take advantages of the pre-check-in service. They will receive their room keys in advanced and have their baggage delivered to their room prior to their arrival.
  • Any items purchased at the Disney Parks, Bon Voyage, or a hotel gift shop can be sent directly back to their room for free.

Tokyo Disney Resort Official Hotels

If you don’t want to break the bank staying at a Disney Hotel, there are also six Tokyo Disney Resort “Official Hotels” located outside the parks. There are still plenty of benefits to staying at any of these hotels, and they are all conveniently located at the Bayside Station on the monorail.

Sunroute Plaza Tokyo

Tokyo Disney

Sunroute Plaza Tokyo has smaller rooms because it is a business hotel, but the prices are very reasonable. Most of the staff here do not speak English, but they are used to many non-Japanese speakers staying at the hotel. There are a few restaurant choices, as well as a Disney Fantasy shop inside. This hotel also boasts beautiful views of Cinderella’s Castle and sometimes Mount Fuji.

Cost: ¥6,000 ($61 USD) and up per person.


Hilton Tokyo Bay

Tokyo Disney

Hilton Tokyo Bay offers both western and Japanese style rooms, which makes this hotel perfect for families. If you’re worried about the language barrier, your best bet at finding English speaking staff will be at this hotel. Guests also have access to a traditional Japanese garden, a swimming pool and services for children during their stay.

Cost: ¥21,500 ($220 USD) and up per room.

Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay

Tokyo Disney

The Okura brand is one that is very famous throughout Japan known for comfort and luxury. The rooms at Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay will be spacious like western hotels, but complete with Japanese amenities. There are 3 restaurants featuring international cuisine and a bar inside. It is also conveniently located across from the Bayside Station on the monorail.

Cost: ¥50,000 ($500 USD) and up per room.

Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel

Tokyo Disney

The Sheraton Grande is another great option for families, and many staff members here will speak English. Located right on the water, there are a few restaurants on site, as well as a swimming pool, children’s play area and spa services. All of the rooms are western style with large double beds. Although it is located near Bayside Station, they also have their own private shuttle for guests.

Cost: ¥19,000 ($193 USD) and up per room.

Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel

The Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel is perfect for relaxing at after a long day at Disney. It is a large, round building filled by mostly natural light. Inside the hotel places emphasis on feeling harmonious with nature as there are trees, ponds and a wooden boardwalk that connects all the shops and restaurants.

Cost: ¥15,600 ($159 USD) and up per room.

Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club Resort

The Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club Resort is the high-end version of the Maihama Hotel mentioned above. Rooms are available in spacious western and Japanese styles, and all have white balconies with a view of the park or the ocean. There are six restaurants and gift shops here as well.

Cost: ¥42,600 ($434 USD) and up per room.

Official Hotel Benefits

Official hotels share many of the same benefits that Disney hotel guests receive. Some of these include:

  • Entry to the parks is guaranteed even on peak or restricted admission days.
  • Ability to purchase your park tickets directly from the hotel.
  • Free shuttle bus to and from the parks.
  • Guests who arrive before check-in at 3pm can take advantages of the pre-check-in service. They will receive their room keys in advanced and have their baggage delivered to their room prior to their arrival.

Tokyo Disney Resort Partner Hotels

There are also five Partner Hotels located in Chiba near Tokyo Disney Resort that you can choose from.


The two main benefits of staying at a Partner Hotel is the free shuttle that will take you to the resort and that you can avoid lines by purchasing tickets directly from your hotel, although they do not guarantee admission on peak or restricted days.

Tokyo Disney Resort Good Neighbor Hotels

If none of the above sounds good, there are another twelve Good Neighbor Hotels located throughout Tokyo. These hotels, although a bit further out, provide complimentary bus service to and from the parks, although an advanced reservation is required.

Have YOU stayed at Tokyo Disney Resort? Which hotel would you choose?

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