The Marina Bay Sands has become Singapore’s new prime entertainment destination. This hotel offers more than just accommodation– shopping, dinning, shows, casinos, and to top it all off (literally) the Sands SkyPark.

Sitting 200 meters in the sky, the Sands SkyPark, offers guests what is arguably Singapore’s best view.

Complete with an observation deck, a few restaurants, and the famous luxurious 150-meter infinity pool, the Sands SkyPark is a place you won’t want to miss when visiting Singapore.

Singapore - Jan 2013

Sands SkyPark Observation Deck

Unfortunately for me, it was pouring rain during my time at the SkyPark, but this is generally what you would see if you purchased an observation deck ticket.

The observation deck itself is fairly large (and seemingly super spacious due to the lack of people…) and it gives visitors an amazing 360 degree view of Singapore.

Singapore - Jan 2013

On a clear day the Southern view shows Gardens by the Bay and the Singapore Strait.

If you look North, you can see across the bay to the skyline, and if you look really close you can even spot the famous Merlion (the far right of the photo where the water meets the land).

Singapore - Jan 2013

On the opposite side of the SkyPark is another smaller viewing platform. This gives visitors a side view of the amazing infinity pool. Unless you are a guest you sadly cannot go in the pool area. This is as good as it gets for taking photos.

Singapore - Jan 2013

I would say the observation deck is worth seeing. It’s a little expensive, but everything in Singapore is.

Tickets can be purchased on the spot, or online, and the viewing hours are 9:30am until 10pm (11pm on weekends).

My Tour of the SkyPark

I was fortunate enough to be given a tour of the SkyPark as though I was a guest at the hotel. So this next section will be showing what you would see only as a guest of the Marina Bay Sands.

All guests are able to visit the SkyPark free of charge during their stay. And I would assume most guests would visit, considering the world’s most awesome pool is there… but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Lining the Southern wall are lounge chairs and multiple private hot tubs.

Singapore - Jan 2013

Each hot tub has a window overlooking the Gardens by the Bay, similar to the paid observation deck area. Although it was rainy then, this would be beautiful at night when all the trees are lit up.

Lining the north side of the SkyPark is, of course, the Marina Bay Sand’s crown jewel of a swimming pool.

An infinity pool 200 meters high, spilling right into a beautiful skyline.

Singapore - Jan 2013

Even in the pouring rain (and the pretty cold temperatures around 20 degrees), people were still swimming in that pool.

And I know I would’ve been. If I paid the crazy high prices to stay in that hotel, I would let nothing ruin my time enjoying that pool.

Singapore - Jan 2013

I was excited enough just to be able to touch the water with my hand. I can only dream of coming back here to actually stay and swim.

I was soaking wet and still smiling on top of the world at the Sands SkyPark.

Singapore - Jan 2013  Singapore - Jan 2013

Another Way to Visit

As I mentioned earlier, there are restaurants and bars at the Sands SkyPark. So if you’re not a guest of the hotel, but you don’t feel like paying the S$20 to visit the SkyPark, you could always just go up for a drink.

It finally stopped raining later that night–just in time to enjoy the lights of the skyline during my second visit to the SkyPark.

Although the furniture was too wet to sit outside, it was still great getting to see the view from the inside while having a sip of a Singapore Sling.

Singapore - Jan 2013

Have you visited the Sands SkyPark? Tell me about it in the comments below!

Disclaimer: I was invited on the Sands SkyPark tour as a guest. But as always, all opinions are entirely my own.

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