Can you believe it’s March already?! I know I sure can’t.

There’s just something about having three less days in the month that really throws me off. It really shouldn’t, I mean, it’s only three days… but somehow it just does. Honestly, I think having 28 days in a month makes more sense than having 31, so that there are exactly four weeks, but that’s a whole other argument!

Anyways, I digress.

Like February, most of March is going to be uneventful for me. It’s still rather cold here in Chicago, which means I’ll continue to hibernate inside, but hopefully it finally starts to warm up a little soon (or at least stops snowing…).

The exciting part of the month falls on the last day when I’ll be jetting off for a new adventure. But I’ll save those details for later. 😉

For now, I’ll leave you with something new: a recipe!

That’s right, from now on I’ll be having a featured recipe of the month. These are all recipes I’ve acquired while traveling, and by sharing them I hope you can try a taste of new cultures right from your own kitchen!

Recipe of the Month:

Tong Yuen (湯圓)


I’ve talked about tong yuen time and time again. These glutinous rice balls are filled with black sesame seeds and are served in a ginger soup broth. They’re especially popular during Chinese New Year, so since we’ve still got another week of celebrating to go, I decided to make these yummy dumplings at home… and now you can try them too!

>>>Get the recipe here!

Destination of the Month:

The Maldives

Maldives - Nov 2013

This month’s featured destination is the Maldives! Like I said above, it’s still snowy and cold in Chicago, so I’ve certainly been dreaming of warmer places. If you’re in need of a little warmth too, be sure to check out all my articles on the MaldivesThere’s a reason the country’s slogan is ‘the sunny side of life’. 

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